10 Best Camera Mobile Apps To Click Worthy Pictures

Cameras are pretty important on smartphones these days, and despite the manufacturer’s best efforts, the default camera mobile apps haven’t enjoyed the privilege of consistency. This basically led to users turning to popular third-party camera apps and setting them as the default Android camera app to get the most out of the Android camera and take more amazing pictures.

Camera mobile apps


The best camera filter app to consider if images with a retro or cross processed aesthetic then Retrica might be the best photo clicking app for you. Retrica was designed for ease of use and offers no manual camera controls.


EyeEm was one of the original online cameraphone communities that allow fellow mobile photography enthusiasts to share their work and also browse the work of others. If you want to experience a professional editing tool right on your smartphone, EyeEm is the best photo filter app for android to consider.

Adobe photoshop express

Adobe currently offers the two best filter camera app for Android phones Adobe Photoshop Express & Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It is one of the powerful photo editing tools by Adobe. Both of these tools are good in their own right. The main difference is, the former is more of a one stop fix for mobile photographers that allows users to import, edit, and share images within the app.

Google snapseed

Google Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps having a powerful raw-compatible editing tool, which is specifically designed for touchscreen devices. The app has the best camera app filter which allows you to add custom filters as well.

PicsArt photo studio

PicsArt is an all-in-one Android photo editing app and best stock camera app alternative that allows its users to click pictures process images apply different effects create collages, and also share on social platforms.

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX is another raw capable third party and best zoom camera app for Android that provides a good amount of manual control over the camera  including shutter speed adjustments on compatible Android devices.

Camera 360

Camera 360, one of the free camera apps and great alternative to stock camera app & is widely popular in the Google Play Store. It offers a comprehensive camera app that is capable of many things.

Camera MX

Camera MX is the Best Android camera app that allows users to create cool Live Shots from perfect moments and relive them again and again.


Official Roundme is the best camera app Android is the most popular way to explore 360 panoramas and immersive stories from Roundme in VR. Make sure that your phone should have the accelerometer and the gyroscope to view properly.


While there are hundreds of different identical free cam apps for Android, but the above are the best Android apps currently ruling the market. Although it doesnt mean that other apps have failed.