A Comparative Guide To Product Design And UX Design

Even in the design industry, there are many subfields of design. What used to be limited only to the realm of graphic design has diversified into various specialties. The introduction of new design tools and design scope identification in various industries has created many opportunities for designers. These two sectors of design are often confused. This article will compare UX design and product design and show both options.

Product design and UX design

UI UX design

UI UX services are more focused on enhancing the user experience for company or application customers. Nowadays, everything depends on the user experience of the application. Features and application types are already offered in a highly competitive environment.

Product design

While UX design only deals with the design of the user experience through the application interface, the possibilities of product design are wide. Product design deals with the creation of a product from start to finish. Product designers work on a certain idea and conceptualize a product from scratch. Product designers identify real problems that customers face and try to design an application that solves those problems.

Product design and UI/UX design: detailed comparison

Design methods

The design approach and methods are different for UI/UX designers and product designers. A UX designer defines the goals of the application and then creates ideas based on facts and studies the findings with the team. Once insights and ideas are clear, they validate the initial design framework. After that, the designers proceed to design the final framework. The framework is then handed over to developers for integration into the code framework for the final output of the application.


The responsibilities and goals of a product designer differ from a UX designer. Segmentation of goals and responsibilities for both roles is essential for categorizing work in a shared workplace. The goal of a UX designer is to create a user-oriented design framework that appeals to the target customer segment.

Skill set

The skills of a good product designer are very different from those of a UI UX designer. The basic foundation of these skills is similar because they are based on a common design ability. However, the product designer focuses on the bigger picture of the product system in his design process.

Tools used

The tools used by these two design professionals are different. On the other hand, interactive tools for creating frames UX designers.

Salary comparison

The salary package of both the designers is different from each other. A product designer earns more than a UX designer in many large app development companies.


The design industry is growing rapidly. It is always the company’s choice whether to work with only one designer or to hire a team where responsibilities will be divided according to specializations. We cannot compare the importance of UI/UX design and product design in terms of the bottom line, as both are equally important and address different business problems.