21 Free Coding Tools For Developers

Most developers prefer ASP.NET MVC5 or AngularJS, which are not only the latest, but also quiet when it comes to coding custom systems. Recently, most mobile apps are developed on cross-platform tools to optimize time and resources.

Coding tools for developers


It is operated by one of the oldest developer groups. The developers and tech geeks at Microsoft who run this site are dedicated to engaging programmers in conversations.


A big challenge to all ASP.NET developers out there, get the best trick for your coding right here. This website is also an online teacher instructor for beginners in the development arena.

Code call

Code call is a community where users can interact with their fellow developers on any development aspect.

Code guru

This website is similar to Code call. Java Script, ASP.NET, and Android developers can get solutions to whatever problems they’re trying to solve.

Code project

Code project is also a multifunctional development support. This forum is best when used in difficult situations.

Coding horror

Not only for software developers, Coding Horror provides snippets and sparks for game developers as well.

Experts exchange

Ask your questions, post your gigs and get answers from industry experts. This is where industry experts are actively involved in getting clear and simple codes for complex requirements.


He provides snippets and solutions for Ionic Framework in his blogs and videos.


This helps Ionic framework developers to get quick support from experts. Especially for jQuery scripts, this is one of the useful resources.

Jackal of Java Script

This blog is a way to give back to the Java Script community, he says. And it is obvious that the author makes understanding Java script very easy.


When I started learning HTML, I felt very comfortable with this gallery of elements. For developers working on Bootstrap, this is essential to their craft.


Be it open source, commercial or any other development code, every element of development is available in this directory.

HTML5 rocks

This blog encourages HTML developers to focus on designs using simple techniques and extensive codes.


This blog deserves to be named as the playground for the leading web. Whatever obstacle you have in designing UX, this site would work as an encyclopedia for you.


In the developer community, it is no exaggeration to say that every developer starts their day with W3 Schools. It is optimized for learning, testing and training.

Stack exchange

It is a network of over 150 communities that join question and answer sessions to discuss development ideas or solve puzzles.

Stack over flow

Developers trust Stack Overflow to help them solve coding problems and even use it to find job opportunities.

Code drops

For all the latest development and design trends check out this blog. One of the best recommended blogs for tutorials.

Icon finder

At Iconfinder, we want to bring more good design to the world, one icon or illustration at a time.

Flat icon

Icon Fonts allows you to quickly convert vector icons to web fonts. This means you can display vector icons on your website and control them with CSS.


Although this is not a complete list of available tools, I’m sure they provide a good starting point for novice and struggling developers.


We have explored and listed the popular, modern and latest software development tools along with their features, supported platforms and pricing details. You can increase your productivity with these latest easy-to-use and educational developer tools.