8 Mobile App Stats For Developers In 2023

The mobile app industry has reached a whole new level with the total number of users reaching around 3 billion. Not only this, but the mobile app industry is still growing at a remarkable rate and showing significant growth for mobile apps future. There are so many Mobile App Stats that will leave you amazed at how popular apps are.

Mobile app stats


The mobile app industry is growing with time and developers are able to generate revenue from them with inclusions of advertising, in-app purchases, and downloads. Top of that, the revenue of Google and Apple platform is almost the same of iOS apps free to use. The applications also depend upon some top mobile app monetization models that help the developers to generate a good amount.

Market rate/audience

We have seen a drastic change in mobile apps, especially due to the pandemic that we all are going through. Some of the major influences of COVID-19 can be seen in fitness and healthcare apps.


If users won’t download the app then who is going to use it. Hence, you can say precisely that app download is a major aspect of the industries. It is easier said than done. Saying that users will download is not as easy as one might feel. Imagine having an app like Netflix with amazing UI/UX, great functioning but zero downloads.


The UI and UX are the major aspects of the applications that define how famous the app will be in the app. In addition to this, there are UX techniques to follow along with artificial intelligence that can define mobile apps future.

Social media

One of the major apps that are topping the chart is social media. Everyone is on social media that fall under the list of more than 220 million downloads than includes the name as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Mobile commerce

The shopping world is another major industry that has gained a hike in the latest trends. It is like a trend in the present world where customers are connecting with online shops via the internet. The pandemic, more than 50% of customers feel that smartphones are a great platform to order the products.


The only reason that any user will continue to use the app will be if it is efficient, functional, and perform amazingly.

App usage

App usage is another factor that is included in the growth of mobile apps statistics that depend upon technology, gender, age, and whatnot. Here are a few facts that can give you an understanding of how app usage statistics are influencing mobile apps.


The mobile apps are adopting new technologies and trends that are helping businesses in growing with intelligence aggregation. This is a great way to promote app innovation with the right technology. The mobile app alteration along with the consumption of less power, friendliness, and seamless data transmission as well.