How to Perform Firebase A/B Testing On iOS?

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform. Firebase lets you use remote setup to perform firebase A/B testing for your iOS app without requiring users to download a full app template. The iOS A/B testing is a first-rate and cost-efficient way to evaluate user engagement in your iOS applications.


Firebase is a platform offered by Google that allows you to manipulate real-time phone or web programs flexibly quickly and without difficulty, it has several features and attributes to create deploy evaluate and interact with your apps. Firebase has 3 main features and there are several unique tools developed into the platform to run each of these features smoothly.

Customize experiments to check many updates

Firebase A/B testing offers you the power to customize your test to suit your precise app needs. You determine the factors to test the users to target the settings to implement and the number of variations to include, do you want to rethink your integration process. Anything that can be set in a variable can be tested with Firebase A/B Testing as it works seamlessly with each Cloud Messaging and Remote Config.

Adding analytics to your app

One of the main steps in creating an A/B test is telling firebase the intention of your test. Sometimes it is probably a high-degree intention which includes growing retention or user engagement. But at different times it is probably a selected intention such as growing the range of users who visit your app store.

Implementation flow for A/B testing on iOS

  • Connect the app to Firebase, to connect your iOS app to firebase in the first place you may need to install the Firebase iOS SDK and follow the step-by-step installation guide. To do this you will need an updated or recent iOS model you can either use a simulator or an apple tool for this purpose.
  • Remote setup to update the application here you will create a singleton remote setup object containing default parameter values in the application and updated parameter values from the backend, you can also monitor and manipulate what makes fetched values indispensable for the application users.

iOS A/B test setup

iOS A/B checkout setup system is quite truthful with the logical flow it starts with crafting a test and inputting what you need to sing and ends with launching the dominant variation.

Defining what to measure

To begin you may need to outline what you need for a degree in the dreams section. Firebase will offer you pre-made dreams and you can even upload your own. You can click add metrics to include additional metrics in the song. A test with the notification composer allows you to evaluate the consequences of experiencing different versions, you can use funnels or analytics events to examine performance in a remote setup test.

Experimental testing

Using firebase, you can perform tests for all your experimental development on an unmarried testing tool and get an instance ID token as a unique ID for every occasion you sing. After finalizing the test, you can click save.

Experiment launch

The launch of the firebase experience provides excellent flexibility to choose the experimental user group scale and you can change it at any time you can start by experimenting with a limited number of users.

Results of evaluating the experiment

Firebase will help you include Bayesian recordings to generate statistically significant results in your test. You will know with a positive diploma of self-belief that the adjustments in user behavior result from the changes you made for your app and are not just incidental ones.

Configuring variant

The next step is to configure and define several variants of the software using the remote setup you can also use the notification composer to re-engage users before the last distribution of a variation.

Final distribution

Based on the experimental results in the various versions it is possible to easily select the winner and make it available to all users of the application. The system is as easy as clicking a variant distribution button you can then mirror the configuration variables remotely and override the default values in the template to have from the iOS app.


Firebase A/B testing can take the stress out of implementing an iOS app because a poor user experience can be costly moreover with A/B testing you can greatly simplify the implementation process and make informed choices to engage users in different variations.