How To Start Web Automation Testing Using Selenium And Python?

Python is a programming language, it is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to projects involving machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. On a different, the selenium python combo is widely preferred when it comes to website automation.

Setting up your environment

To start using web-based automation equipment, you want to install Python because this code will be used in the controls. 

  • Python.
  • Some code editors.
  • Browser driver to manipulate website elements.

After downloading the correct file start the setup process, this is an instance of the python installer. Below you will learn on how to set up, install and start using python and selenium. The goal is to support beginners, to take the first step in web automation testing using python and selenium.


Selenium is a device to control your web application. You can do this in different ways

  • Allow him to touch the buttons.
  • Contained in structures.
  • Skim your site to test whether everything is “OK” and so on.

Automation technique

Automation is a technique for automating user behavior on a website. You can simulate clicking on website elements to check if everything is working and automate some mundane actions if you want. Python and Selenium are used because Python is powerful and clean to examine and the best simple knowledge is required for this task, selenium is one of the most popular gears for automation and can be used with any programming language.

Selenium with python 

  • Download and install python on windows.
  • Install selenium libraries in python.
  • Create a new mission and write the selenium, take a look at the script.
  • Run and validate the take a look at scripts.

Understanding the components of selenium

Selenium IDE

The Selenium integrated development environment is based on the reproduction and control of reports. In this case, the user does not have to manually write the test scripts.

Record selenium test

Test records user interactions with the web browser to create selenium integrated development environment scripts.


Read reruns of recorded scripts n number of times to check stability and success rate. The new Selenium integrated development environment is available as an extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Selenium remote control

Selenium remote control is used to design and automate user interface controls for web programs allowing a tester or developer to write and review scripts in any programming language. The remote control does not interact directly with the browser, it has a server that acts as an HTTP proxy to control the browser remotely.

Selenium grid

Selenium grid is very flexible and lets us run checks in parallel on a couple of machines. It acts as a relevant factor in managing specific browser variations and browser configurations, in preference to operating on every individual take a look. The main functionality of Selenium Grid is to run checks in parallel and run cross-platform checks.

Cloud-based testing platform

To test complicated programs or run some checks in parallel, you want critical computing power. Moving automatic controls to the cloud helps your developers avoid scalability issues. You can learn about the structure of Salsa Labs and how it allows testing Selenium-based web applications.

Selenium WebDriver

A webpage is composed of several internet elements like text boxes, checkboxes, and buttons. Web automation testing is all about automating the tasks that need to be performed on those web elements. Selenium WebDriver is a popular web automation testing framework that is mainly used to automate tasks related to web UI testing. A browser-specific selenium WebDriver acts as a bridge between the test script and the web browser. Selenium WebDriver is the main aspect that communicates with the web browser. Selenium locators are used to locating elements on the page so that the appropriate system can be used to develop with the element.


Selenium and python are widely used and clean enough to start learning. The instance used in this academic is simple however units you up to begin knowing what is needed to apply web factors and web drivers to control web factors to do what you need them to do.