Why Designers And Developers Must Work Together?

These individuals work separately while working on the same project. A designer works to create elements and color palettes and typography that look great, while the developer codes and prepares material for publication on the web. When designers and developers work together on projects from start to finish, the result is a more cohesive web project with great aesthetics, user interface, and clean code.

Designers and developers must work together

Designer versus developer

Web designers, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, usually create how web pages and elements will look. This aesthetic is then coded by the web developer using HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and other programming languages ​​to make everything work on the site. So, they must work together.


Simply put, the biggest reason designers and developers should work together is to create a more complete web project. From looks to interactions to experiences, a project will only be better when designers and developers work together.


  • More creative brainstorming and design.
  • A more complete environment because designers understand what a developer can create.
  • A more cohesive finished product where all parts look like they belong together, and interactions match the aesthetic.
  • Learn how design/development works.
  • Brings ideas together for a more complete vision of what the project should be.

Tips for designers

  • Consider interactive elements and how they work when designing.
  • Complete design. Don’t expect the developer to copy and modify similar parts. Create an element for each state and have it ready.
  • Ask for help along the way. If you’re not sure if a particular font will work on your site, ask.

Tips for developers

  • Knowing a little theory when it comes to color and type and even jargon can go a long way.
  • If a designer goes down a path that won’t translate on the web, say something sooner rather than later.
  • Maintain the integrity of the design even the parts you don’t like or agree throughout the development process.


The question is less why designers and developers should work together, but how they can better work together and understand each other’s responsibilities. To create a phenomenal website. The thing we really need to start thinking about is design development.