When Should Enterprises Adopt NativeScript For App Development?

Pitching an idea to your seniors and expecting a positive response is never easy. That’s why we’re here to prepare for the inevitable with a few key points about NativeScript that you’ll note down and bring to your business as they are. Below we discuss when should enterprises adopt NativeScript for app development.

NativeScript for app development

Performance speaks for itself

NativeScript excels in this area with its unique features that present a cross-platform application that behaves and looks just like a native application. NativeScript actually provides cross-platform users with a user interface that is compatible with their devices.

Progress and apache back NativeScript

The fear of failure decreases when large companies are involved in the business. NativeScript is backed by progress and licensed from Apache 2.0, with names like that, businesses should be assured that the framework is here to stay.

Multi-platform means one for all

After all, spending money on every platform is surely a loss for them. But with NativeScript, you only pay once and get an app that works on all three systems, iOS, Android, and the web. NativeScript uses built-in code that is the same across platforms.

Developer productivity

The developers of NativeScript developed it for other developers, including new professionals who have knowledge of new frameworks. With features like TypeScript and CSS, NativeScript makes this process easy for all of them.

Support for other JavaScript frameworks

NativeScript runs primarily on JavaScript, so the developers at Progress made it compatible with other JavaScript frameworks.

Big companies use NativeScript

Creating NativeScript

NativeScript is created by merging a number of features and factors. It has several parts including runtime, core modules and plugins. All these parts together with the programming language used form the framework we know as NativeScript.

NativeScript handle JavaScript on different platforms

NativeScript uses various JavaScript virtual machines to execute the command. For iOS, NativeScript uses the JavaScriptCore virtual machine, and for Android, it uses the V8 virtual machine.

NativeScript stack up against its competitors

The performance of NativeScript can be compared to any other framework and you would find only positive things about it. The animation of the framework runs at 60 frames per second, which is commendable compared to many other frameworks.

App stores that were built with NativeScript

There is a list of apps that you can find in various app stores that have been built using NativeScript.


If you’re an organization or maybe a programmer inclined to make investments and create a commercial enterprise application, then NativeScript is the platform for you.