Why Android Developers Must Pay Attention To Flutter?

Open-source cross-platform app development framework created by Google, which allows you to create applications for multiplatform with a single code base. with flutter, you will get a software development kit and a UI framework. Below we discuss android developers must pay attention to flutter.

Why Android Developers must pay attention to Flutter in 2020

Highlights of a flutter over others

• With flutter app creation is simple as it uses the modern framework as well as it reduces the code length.

• It provides the real-time modification of the app with less consumption of time.

• Flutter provides advantages over the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which provides a look and a way to give feedback from the client.

• It provides the app which may not get different from the app created from the native platform.

• With its UI library you can be able to use many widgets.

• It comes with good documentation that provides the foundation for android developers.

Why Android Developers must pay attention to Flutter in 2020

Do flutter support android studio and Virtual Studio codes?

To built an app using the flutter you just need a text editor to make the combination with command-line tools to make it effectively use one of the recommended plugins as it supports Android Studios, VS Code, IntelliJ, and Emacs. These provide you with code completion, syntax highlighting, and debug supports, Widget editing assists, syntax highlighting, and snippets with code refactoring.

Why Android Developers must pay attention to Flutter in 2020

Advantages of flutter

• The important factor for the development of the app is time management, as it will reduce the time for app development.

• As it is a cross-platform app the management team for multiple platforms can be decreased which drastically reduces the cost.

• As we all know android and ios are been two competitors so to make the app more successful you must develop both apps, as flutter provides the advantages here.

• It provides a flexible and expressive UI.

• Flutter offers the widgets tree which makes it very easy.

Things to be considered

• If an android developers need to use flutter for app development it is essential to learn the new programming language called Dart.

• It may be a complicated task for the development of games.

• It may be a chance for increasing the size of the app.

Why Android Developers must pay attention to Flutter in 2020


With flutter the development of the android app will be good, the android developers must be good enough to use dart languages to use the flutter. It has its own rendering engines, and widget trees, etc to make the app development simple. You can easily manipulate your android app to iOS with the flutter but not in the case of others.