Common UX Design Mistakes you should Keep Away

The best UX must provide a better design, well rich content, and powerful features. Let us discuss common mistakes to be overcome by a UX design during the process of development.

Common UX Design Mistakes you should Keep Away

Most common mistakes in UX design

1. Approach to design

It may be a first and foremost cause to be taken into consideration by the designers. The responsive design is important for every application as it may web or mobile. If your application fails to meet the responsive design it may lack behind from others. Your application design must meet all criteria of your users and according to the screen size.

2. Spacing and padding

Everything comes well, if you care about the padding and spacing an impressive UX/UI can be made. As the spacing and padding play a vital role in the organization and making a clear look at your application. A small mistake in your padding and spacing makes the designer to look unorganized or may even chance of changing your UX designer.

Common UX Design Mistakes you should Keep Away

3. Fonts & its style

The fonts are a building block of your app, every app needs a font. It makes a source for making communication between the uses and your application.

As there are different sizes of the font available in different styles. The size of your font is a criterion to be considered according to the changes in screen size. As your font must be true to the screen size i.e. as your screen size increases the font may change according to it to make the users see it without difficulty. The font style is another important criterion to be considered in a strict manner. Your font style must be clear in look, unique in its style, rich in its Application. It may be a good idea to pre-check your font and its style.

4. Icons

The icons play a vital role in UX design. The uses of the icon are to represent the meaning of the content in a small symbol. There are some fundamental concepts in using icons to make it well representative.

The coherent look corner radius line width is to be considered in a professional way to make a good iconography. Every modern app uses this iconography starting from a social media app to larger e-Com apps. So the most common mistakes may be involved in the poor icon, ununiformed wide and radiuses, etc.

5. Visibility

Visibility is one of the major factors to be considered as most of the common mistakes that are been evolved here. As visibility depends upon various factors starting from Colour of selection to Contrast of the application.

A small mistake makes poor visibility, as a reduction, in contrast, may reduce the visibility of the users. Once the app is developed with poor visibility it may not be able to get user attraction.

Always contrasted images get well-matched with darker color text. The common mistakes involve the selection of unmatched colors, dull backgrounds, etc.

6. Adding lot of contents

As it gets user attraction you must provide bullet points, followed by the link for full text. As it makes users get what they want. Try to avoid bulking something on a single page as it may feel discomfort for the users. There are some common mistakes such as providing bullet points only not the link for full text and gathering too much information from users on a single page i.e. on the sign-up page etc.

Common UX Design Mistakes you should Keep Away


To make the UX design more adaptive and flexible it is must-have creative and mistake-free. Every user likes to have a crystal clear UX design, as a designer you must consider the users and pre-check for the following some common mistake discussed above.