Xamarin VS Flutter – Which Cross-Platform Framework Is Ideal For You?

Let’s compare the two big cross-platform framework in the field of app development and make a decision to choose an ideal cross-platform to develop the app.

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Cross-platform framework

We know there are many operating systems available for mobile. Let us now consider two big mobile platforms iOS and android OS the both OS have their own development tools such as shift and Xcode for iOS and android studios and kotlin/java for Android OS.in this situation if you need to develop a mobile app for both platforms you need to undergo two different ways of coding for each platform. to overcome this process Microsoft developed a cross-platform frame which can be used for any platform with single code, later there where many cross-platform framework been developed. Such as reach native, flutter, etc.,


Microsoft Xamarin is one of the open-source cross-platform app development framework which was the oldest in the field of cross-app development.

Xamarin VS. Flutter - Which Cross-Platform Framework Is Ideal For You?

Features of Xamarin

  • C# is the programming language for Xamarin which is very popular among the Microsoft community.
  • It has huge documentation to support the development of API and has a lot of user experience components.
  • It can be used for the development of multiple platforms such as Mobile OS,macOS, tv, and watch OS.
  • In view of the developer, Xamarin provides numerous support throughout the development process.
  • In the view of community support, it has worldwide community forms.
  • The binary’s size is comparatively small.
  • With the help of Xamarin forms the cord can be shared throughout any platform.


The flutter is a new cross-platform framework made by google for the building of native app for web, mobile, and desktop with a one time code.

Cross-Platform Framework

Features of flutter

  • It is easy to learn and the conversion from other platforms is easy compared to others.
  • It uses skia a c++ engine that has a wide range of native components.
  • With this, you can develop your app very quickly.
  • It has fully well customizable widgets for building your interface.
  • It provides faster rendering of your UI and it has very flexible designs.
  • It provides a fully customized mobile architecture with a focus on native end UI.
  • With help of darts native compiler, your native ARM CODE and you can incorporate the different types of scrolling, icons, and fonts from flutter widgets.
  • It provides testing support for the widget in multi-level.
Cross-Platform Framework


If you are new in the programming field it is good to choose flutter as it is very easy to learn compared to Xamarin. For building a high dynamic app, Xamarin is very effective. If you would like to work with .net then Xamarin is easier comparing to flutter. But for the overall development of the app flutter is more effective.