Top PHP Frameworks In 2023 Explained

PHP has remained one of the most trending scripting languages for many years already. It has great flexibility and works equally well both for complex projects and basic web solutions. Despite the beauty and the obvious benefits of PHP, the coding process may get as monotonous as in other languages.

PHP frameworks in 2023


Laravel has won place in the ranking of the most loved web frameworks. It’s one of the top PHP frameworks that is usually associated with the PHP language itself. Created in Laravel is a free, open-source framework suitable for launching web applications based on MVC architecture.


  • Laravel is universal can develop applications with complex backends of any scope.
  • Laravel provides lightweight templates that are easy to customize and thus, help to release the web product faster.
  • Laravel helps to create secure websites with user authentication and SQL injection prevention.
  • Laravel uses migration instead of SQL queries to create table structures.


It works well for large scale projects and is mostly intended for tech specialists with substantial programming experience. Therefore, if you decide to leverage Symfony framework for your next PHP project, make sure the engineering team already has the necessary skills.


  • Symfony framework is a preferred choice for large-scale enterprise projects.
  • Symfony supports bundles that add specific functionality to the framework and can be reused in your next similar project.
  • Symfony is one of the PHP MVC frameworks. divide a web application into separate sections for improved management.


This open-source, ultra-light framework is a new project of Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel. Lumen doesn’t replace Laravel. Its main goal is to facilitate building Laravel based microservices and optimize web application development.


  • Since Lumen relies on Laravel, be able to use the necessary Laravel features like caching, Eloquent, validation, routing, queues.
  • Lumen is crafted for microservices and APIs, so it has all the necessary capabilities to complete such projects.
  • Lumen allows you to upgrade the project to Laravel if you decide to use the full power of Laravel.


Laminas Project is another option on our PHP frameworks list that is largely used for complex enterprise level projects. Laminas is a popular solution for the banking industry and healthcare systems.


  • Laminas can help you build complex enterprise standard projects thanks to code reusability and inheritance.
  • Laminas follows reusability and inheritance concepts. Thus, the web development process is well-organized and hassle-free.
  • Laminas has great PHP frameworks performance since it follows the object-oriented approach.


Phalcon is a relatively young web MVC PHP framework released in as an open-source technology with the BSD License.


  • Phalcon increases execution speed thanks to processing more HTTP requests per second.
  • Phalcon supports Phalcon DevTools that simplify project creation and coding.
  • Phalcon boasts lower load times and accelerates overall website performance.


Web applications with familiar and simple administration panels, CMS software can be integrated with PHP frameworks. Such a solution helps to align web application and web design projects to provide consistent customer experience across multiple products and expand their capabilities.