Top Testing QA Tools For App Development

A mobile device testing strategy revolves around the use of various modern tools. There are several mobile app testing methods and tools available that you can use to implement your mobile app testing practices. If you are limited in time and money to test your mobile apps, then this article is for you. Here are ten of the best mobile app testing tools that can help you craft and implement your mobile app testing strategies.

Testing QA tools

Test completed

Test Complete allows you to run multiple repeated user interface tests on an application platform. It is a compatible tool that can help you in hybrid mobile app testing, which means it will support both Android and iOS app testing. Automated test scripts are available through the tools, but you can also choose from VBScript, JavaScript, Python, and more.

IO test

Test IO allows you to test mobile apps on real-time implementations to ensure that the mobile app designed for your business works seamlessly on almost all OS platforms. These test tools are sometimes ahead of professional testers in detecting internal errors. Test IO has flexible testing arrangements that understand the diverse needs and requirements of clients and enable faster results.


Appium is by far one of the best mobile app testing tools used by most professional testers. Appium is an efficient web and mobile app testing tool that works well for hybrid apps as well. In mobile automation with appium, there is no need to edit any codes in apps as Appium integrates seamlessly with both Android and iOS platforms.


Robotium is a testing tool that is intended to work with Android applications only within an automated testing framework. Robotium is specifically designed for black box testing on Android applications. It uses JavaScript to prepare test scripts. Some of the other requirements for this tool to work smoothly are Android SDK, Eclipse for test project, Android Development Kit and JDK.


Espresso, a mobile app testing tool, is designed by Google and is part of Android Studio. It is an ideal tool for all types of people who want to run native Android app tests. There is a limitation because Espresso can only create Android UI tests to support feature enhancements.


It is a cloud based platform that allows real devices or emulators to run automatic or manual tests of all applications regardless of operating system. It works well with native apps, Android apps and iOS apps.

Monkey talk

The IDE creates scripts for testing using the playback and recording functions embedded in it. The agent has a link between the testers and the application. This tool is suitable for convenient testing of hybrid applications and web applications.


If you are new to mobile test automation, you can always start practicing with any of the apps. With a little guidance, you’ll soon master the scripting and testing aspects.