What Are Software Testing Solutions And Their Trends?

Today, companies are integrating their testing, earlier in the software development cycle, with testing methods such as Agile. In this way, they have lower testing costs and do not require their own resources. There are several other important trends in the world of software testing solutions. Hence, there is a strong need to adapt the latest testing trends for all the software testing solutions industries in the world to help them adapt to the demands of the modern world.

Software testing solutions

Agile and DevOps

DevOps includes practices, rules, processes, and tools that help integrate development and operations activities to reduce the time from development to operations. DevOps has become a widely accepted solution for organizations looking for ways to shorten software lifecycles from development to delivery and operations. Adopting both Agile and DevOps helps teams develop and deliver quality software faster, which in turn is known as Quality of Speed.

Test automation

In order to effectively implement DevOps practices, software teams cannot ignore test automation as it is an essential element of the DevOps process. They must find opportunities to replace manual testing with automated testing. Since test automation is considered an important obstacle to DevOps, at least most regression testing should be automated. More advanced methods and tools should emerge to allow better use of test automation in projects. Existing popular automation tools like Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete continue to evolve with new features that make automation much easier and more efficient.

Automation of API and service testing

The current trend in designing web and mobile applications is the separation of client and server. APIs and services are reused in more than one application or component. These changes, in turn, require teams to test APIs and services independently of the application that uses them. When APIs and services are used across client applications and components, testing them is more efficient and effective than testing the client. The trend is that the need for API and service test automation continues to grow, perhaps outstripping the functionality used by end users on user interfaces.

Artificial intelligence for testing

Although the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to solving problems in software testing is not new in the software research community, recent advances in AI/ML with large amounts of available data present new opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence. Predictive models would help in deciding where, what and when to test. Intelligent analytics and visualizations support teams in detecting bugs, understanding test coverage, high-risk areas, and more.

Mobile test automation

The trend of mobile app development continues to grow as mobile devices become more and more capable. To fully support DevOps, mobile test automation must be part of DevOps toolchains. The trend of automated testing of mobile applications continues to grow. This trend is driven by the need to reduce time to market and more advanced methods and tools for mobile test automation. Integration between cloud mobile labs like Kobiton and test automation tools like Katalon can help take mobile automation to the next level.


Organizations and individuals need to be aware of developments in the industry. Keeping up with these trends would give testing professionals, organizations and teams the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.