5 Proven App Ideas That Will Get You Results

One reason why many apps go down the drain is because they forget the actual purpose of their app- bringing value to your audience and building a new audience for your main business.

Proven app ideas

Why creating content is important for your app?

  • That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Releasing an app is only the beginning. It doesn’t matter how good your app is, in fact, it could be the best app ever created, if nobody sees it then your app is worthless.
  • Content marketing is huge. According to Content Marketing Institute, while content marketing costs around 62% less, it generates over 3x as many leads.
  • Because content marketing is vital for any type of product in today’s market. Ahrefs shows this perfectly with 6 different examples of how content marketing drove success to campaigns.

Emphasising why your app is unique is necessary?

  • You really do not understand how many mobile apps are out there until you either start building your own or you surf through the app stores looking for a new app to download.
  • This is why you need to emphasise why your app is different to all the others out there. With the addition of creating your own content for your mobile app, you can also outreach other websites to create a buzz around your app.

Thinking outside the box by leveraging your local area

  • This idea doesn’t really apply to a mobile game so I am going to switch niches here and talk more about hotels.
  • If you have used their app before you will have noticed that when it comes to leveraging the local area, they thought way outside the box. Allowing their users to order their room service from the app.
  • Not only that, but they also have a feature that offers music from talented local artists adding a personal touch to your stay at the location.
  • So, let’s say you run a plumbing service and you build an app to make it easier for clients to contact you and book appointments. You can also offer a live tracking feature where people can actually see where their plumber is on the day of their appointment.

Fixing a problem within your targeted niche

  • A lot of people already know this and I am sure that some of you are silently saying this to yourself. But how many of you actually do it?
  • Information is knowing something, but knowledge is information + action which not a lot of people actually do.
  • Some of the best practices that other entrepreneurs do are simply ask people within their niche what their biggest issues are.
  • I am going to refer to PaperKarma – an app for the iOS, Android & Windows phone. you receive junk mail in your mailbox you can take a snapshot of all the mail you do not want and PaperKarma will help get you off that company’s distribution list.

Create loyal users by actively engaging them

  • Nobody likes to feel like just another number right. We want people to treat us with respect and make us feel valued.
  • Now that you have built your app and it’s ready to launch, you need to start thinking about your support team and how you are going to handle issues that your users may face.
  • Engagement could also mean how often you are active on social media or how many videos you make for your YouTube channel.
  • Here is a highly detailed infographic on the impact that content can have on somebody during the buying cycle.


Repeat customers, on the other hand, are even better for you. Not only will they most likely recommend your app to others, they would also most likely download/purchase other apps and products that you will release at a later date.