5 Essential Stages Of App Development For Innovative Startups

This difference in idea brings in a difference in deliverables as well, especially when it comes to the delivery of a product that is an extension of the brand, showcased on a platform accessed by millions of users. In this article, we will look into the different challenges startup app development poses. And will give you a roadmap for app development highlighting how to go about it as a startup. Below we discuss 5 essential stages of app development for innovative startups.

App development for innovative startups

  1. Validate your idea

We understand that it is attractive to let your creative juices flow but it is equally essential to reflect on other possibilities and not dive right in without testing the waters.

Make a list of all your potential ideas. It not only gives you an insight but provides due clarity regarding which idea to pursue.

In case you are confused whether the idea is worth giving a shot, get it validated from leading experts and see if it sparks their interest. An approach that the best mobile app consultants follow when checking the validity of your product is through a product discovery workshop.

Another tip is to never overlook other ideas. Understand that there is always a scope for improvement, and sometimes the whole process of ideation leads to new outcomes.

  1. Detail-oriented market research

No matter how revolutionary your idea is and how likely it is going to transform the mobile application industry, if you do not conduct a thorough market research and are not able to establish a target audience, you are bound to fail.

Understanding the market and finding a product-market fit is a prerequisite to run a successful startup. The key is to ensure you are solving real user problems and even though what you may be doing is not overtly unique, you have to find a place for yourself in the market.

Study the competitive landscape and conduct a competitor audit. Download some apps that work on similar pain points, use them personally and determine the scope for improvement.

Research on apps that failed and explore the reasons for the same.

  1. Choose an ideal platform

Choosing an ideal platform for your app is the next step in your mobile app development journey.

In order to decide whether your app will cater to Android, iOS, or both, you should take into account a couple of factors. The key is to research which platform is ideal for mobile startups and understand what aligns with your business idea.

According to Statista, as per the third quarter of 2019, Android users were able to choose between 2.47 million apps while Apple’s App Store offered almost 1.8 million available apps for iOS. This makes Google Play, the app store with the biggest number of available applications.

To choose a viable platform you should study factors like market share and revenue for both Android and iOS.

  1. Focus on designing an impeccable

One of the common elements in most successful startups is the impeccable design that the applications are made with. No matter which successful app you pick up Instagram, Canva, Telegram you will find intuitive design being a part of them.

The role of UI/UX design doesn’t just lie in the eye-catching appeal. The application should be usable and functional as well. Additionally, it should meet the standards set by Google Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

The UI/UX design guide that we follow at is one that not just meets the guidelines but also solves a number of additional areas like – getting visibility, app spend time, and user retention rates.

  1. Product development

The next step is to jumpstart the development process and for that, you would require an app development team.

There are effective ways to choose an app development company and see months of planning and strategizing come into action.

To ensure that your idea materializes into a successful product, you need to give a lot of thought to the people you will partner with.


While creating an app focus on one key feature primarily to avoid the confusion of your target audience. From all your planning select only the best and imply those. Make sure that your app turns out to be the one-stop solution for your clients and can help them easily without any bugs or crashes.