The Advantages Of Using Oracle Database – A Brief Guide

The main motive of the oracle database is to store and then retrieve the entire database. Also, in Subway Surfer, the database server is solving the complete problems of database management. In a single database management server, there is plenty of data contains in different blocks for all the distinct users, it helps to easily access the data properly.
Oracle database performs do it all tasks and activities by enhancing high performance, gives the proper solutions for the failure recovery, and protect unauthorized access.

What is oracle?

Its database is a most trusted, multi-model relational database management system, mainly created for enterprise grid computing, online transaction processing, and data warehousing. It is one of the primary choices for enterprises for cost-effective solutions for their applications and data management. It supports a Stored Procedure that is embedded within the database. It can be executed independently or triggered by certain events and SQL as a query language to interact within the database.

Major advantages of oracle database


It means that manufacture a virtuous oracle database delivers pretty much speed and also contains huge databases, oracle database improves the performance and consider the speed of transaction control and locking. It contains approaches and techniques to accomplish high performance. We can implement performance tuning in its database to retrieve and modify data faster, to improve query execution time with transaction control, locking, and application operations.


Oracle Database is the main data administration management that is established to scale to encounter all business requirements on all component stages, from the single processor and multiuser frameworks to the large scale. it is essential to control data consistency and concurrency which are estimated by Oracle. SQL Server only runs on the Windows stage, so any future development of a business is then additionally constrained to the Windows stage.

Multiple databases

Its database cares about managing multiple database occurrences on a single server. The occurrence Incarceration method is provided by Oracle to maintain CPU allocations on a server running the database occurrences. Occurrence collision works with the database resource manager to accomplish all multiple service occurrences.

The Advantages of Using Oracle Database – A Brief Guide

Cost-benefit ratio

Oracle Database is the most less expansive database for enhancing minimal downtime and zero data loss. It takes maintenance of furthermost circumstances that may lead to data absence, such as system failures, record failures, disasters, human-made mistakes comparing between SQL Server doesn’t deliver equivalent functionality at the equal cost for dealing system failures or data prevention.

The Advantages of Using Oracle Database – A Brief Guide

Failure recovery

RMAN is the benefit of an Oracle DB recover or retrieve the database records during downtimes and outages. It supports archived backups, and retrieve records. Supported by Users can all SQL recovery, called user-managed recovery, there is a transfer utility accessible in the database to add user-managed record backups.

Role of an oracle database

  • The database is essential to maintain the records about the data. This is strictly metadata that want to be together, warehoused, and provided as per query. The data is warehousing with description or metadata lacks is the real meaning of the database. The database is responsible for keeping all metadata about archived data for all upcoming day references.
  • A good database should be able to change a data model into a physical database operation. infrequently that the physical model completely converts to the logical model, but the database must preserve the physical form and see that it allows all the distinctions of the DBMS used by the industry or organization.
  • The database is also accountable for performing SQL code analyses and walkthroughs to progress DBMS proficiency and performance speed. Writing new programs to build new tools for efficient database management and function is also a portion of an Oracle database’s job description. It is a key participant in production revenue and data management.
  • Compressed columnar storage: Storing data closely in compressed column tables allows an analytic query to scan only data records within the mandatory columns, it skips old unwanted data records in other columns as needed for a row format. Columnar storage allows a query to perform consecutive memory references for compression permits the query to optimize the use of the available memory bandwidth.
  • The oracle database essential to the suitable backup of all data records for every database record. This generally depends on data volatility. It means an integral part of the data migration device that is controlled by the database.
  • In-Memory Storages: The memory column store for a table is divided into units that are called In-Memory Compression Units (ICUs), which refers to a huge number of rows. Each divided unit record contains min and max values for the data within each column in the divided units.


Finally conclude that Oracle database is an authoritative database server management software assists the requirements of industry level and small level applications as well for storage purposes. It includes almost all the structures required to connect future applications and so widely used.