10 Best Platforms For Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning platforms are the groups of technologies that provide users with tools to create, maintain, and monitor machine learning algorithms. This software combines smart, decision-making, problem-solving algorithms with data, thereby permitting developers to build a business solution. Some software platforms deliver preview algorithms and basic workflows with such benefits as drag-and-drop modeling and graphic interfaces that simply connect essential data to the end solution, while others need a better knowledge of development and coding ability. These procedures can include functionality for image processing, natural language processing, speech recognition, and recommendation systems and also included other machine learning abilities.

Uses of data science and ML platforms?

Over the features of data science and machine learning technologies, data scientists are capable to expend perceptible into the complete data process, from absorption to inference. This aids them well understand what is working and isn’t, and are providing the tools required to fix difficulties when arise. With the help of these tools, professionals make and improve their data, influence machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, and deploy their approaches into production.

  • Share datasets: Customers are enabled to sharing information with collaboration-related tools to adoptive and simplify teamwork.
  • Simplify data: With easy-to-customize benefits and drag-and-drop abilities, many platforms are opening up these tools to a wider audience. In inclusion, pre-train models and outside pipelines mentioned updating the process. These platforms simply support scale-up experiments transversely many nodes to achieve distributed training on huge datasets.
  • Experimentation: Before a model is pushed to execution, data scientists occupy an important volume of time working with the datasets and executing to discover an ideal solution. Data science and machine learning platforms enable this experimentation through data visualization, data augmentation, and data preparation tools. several types of layers and optimizers for deep learning are also used in the execution, which are procedures used to modify the attributes of neural networks to decrease the weighs.

1. Databricks

Databricks delivers a cloud and Apache Spark-related unified analytics platform that combines data science functionality. The product influences a list of open-source languages and contains exclusive features for operationalization, presentation, and real-time establishment on Amazon Web Services. A Data Science Workstation ensures users to discover data and create models collaboratively. It also offers a one-click option to preconfigured ML environments for improved machine learning with familiar frameworks.

10 Best Platforms For Data Science and Machine Learning

2. H2O.ai

H2O provides deep machine learning abilities that develop your scope into AI. It’s a trailblazer in machine-learning unified platforms and it’s open-source that offers a section for predictive analytics. It’s also caught the interest of some enterprises such as PayPal, Dun, and Bradstreet. Therefore, open-source ML is an industrial standard at this point.

3. Alteryx

Alteryx’s Intelligence Suite delivers fully-explained automatic machine learning and graphic text analytics. Alteryx can be used by analysts, data science developers, or business domain specialists. In addition to explained machine learning and modeling, Alteryx delivers “expert-mode” decisions to initiative faster results as well. The product you create, validate, maintain, and optimize models while applying multiply integrated data research and summarizing. It also attempts to sell built-in R and Python integration.

4. Anaconda enterprise

Anaconda Enterprise aids administrations attach data science, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence at the step demanded by today’s digital communications. Anaconda Enterprise connects core AI methods, authority, and cloud-native architecture. Each piece core AI, governance, and cloud-native crucial workings to establishing governments to mechanize AI at rapidity and scale.

10 Best Platforms For Data Science and Machine Learning


KNIME Analytics is an open-source platform for producing data science. It ensures the creation of graphical workflows with the help of a drag-and-drop-method graphic interface that involves coding. Users can choose from more nodes to create workflows, model every step of the analysis, control the stream of data, and enable work is present. KNIME can mixture data from any source and outline data to derive statistics, spotless data, and extract and choose features. The product influences AI and machine learning, and can envisioned data with definitive and advanced diagrams.

6. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is respectable for solutions providing complexity, but it never loses its ease of use. It’s highly open-minded and one of the platforms to attack such a good balance that it’s treasured by citizen data scientists and extremely well-trained data scientists with innovative degrees. It’s brilliant for graphic workflow and for when you need an ML boosting.

7. SAS

SAS is a data science and analytics software company visual Analytics and SAS Enterprise Miner are valuable for machine-learning, visual, and data mining statistics. These products permit an extensive range of users to access analytical software tools that are available for purchase.

8. Azure

Azure ML Studio is a GUI-based multiply integrated development platform for building and organizing Machine Learning workflow on Azure.

9. MathWorks

MathWorks MATLAB analyzed a desktop environment adjusted for iterative and design developments with a programming language that delivers matrix and array formats straightly. It also the Live Editor for creating plans that connect code, solution, and formatted text in an executable note. MATLAB toolboxes are workwise developed, tested, and fully documented.


TIBCO Software platform made its introduction in the data science and machine-learning software marketplace with famed attainment of Statistical from Quest Software. The software merchant also developed Alpine Data. The Statistical platform is useful in product modification, progressive prototyping, and business investigation. It is trustworthy for these use cases and huge mature user base.

10 Best Platforms For Data Science and Machine Learning


Your platform requirements to obey the desires of your association or business. As you do a little bit of research on the best choice for you, keep what will provide real value for your organization, and stay away from getting benefits just because, only going to be a distraction when the platform doesn’t integrate with your existing atmosphere.