11 Ways To Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Followers Organically

It’s easier to grow your LinkedIn following by tapping into your employees’ networks than it is to start from scratch. Here are some employee advocacy tactics to add to your LinkedIn toolkit.

LinkedIn company page followers organically

Make sure all employees have correctly linked their profile to the page

This is an easy but often overlooked part of setting up your LinkedIn profile and should be part of your employee profile best practices.

Have selected employees invite their network to the page manually

You know what doesn’t work. Cold invite people to like your business page. If you’ve ever received such an invitation, you know exactly how annoying and unsettling it can be.

Add links to LinkedIn pages in everyone’s email signature

Since you’re already talking to customers and prospects, this is the perfect and unobtrusive place to put a link to your company page.

Have key employees share your content

Encourage key employees to share to their own network Key employees can be anyone on your team from founders, executives, salespeople, or anyone from HR or customers, depending on the content they share.

Turn on employee notifications for new posts

Using this native LinkedIn feature will send a notification to all employees who have linked their accounts the next time they log in connect you’re the next time you post. Or you can keep dropping a link to your latest LinkedIn survey in Slack and tagging the entire channel and they can continue to ignore you.

Have key employees post original content

Another way to gain access to OPA is to share your employees’ content instead of the other way around. In addition to leveraging their network, you’ll also position your employees as experts in their field and raise their voice. Using content to grow your LinkedIn audience.

Create engaging video content

The algorithm dramatically favors video content, a fact supported by the rise of video content on the platform and 87% of marketers reporting LinkedIn video as an effective part of their channel strategy. You can use video for a variety of applications, from product demos to case studies to behind-the-scenes series it’s up to you.

Ask more questions in your posts

Perhaps a straightforward but effective way to get a response to your content is to. You can do this either by incorporating the question into your post copy or creative or by using the new native LinkedIn poll feature we’ve all been waiting for, which has finally arrived.

Reply to all comments to keep conversation streams active

Your LinkedIn feed is not chronological; instead, you’re shown posts based on an algorithm. A number of factors, but engagement metrics are high on the list including comments. So if you’re not responding in the comments section of your posts, you’re letting valuable engagement signaling the algorithm go to waste.

Proactively respond to community hashtag content from the site

The following a hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see popular content from those brands in your feed, and you’ll be able to respond to those posts as you would your Page. Approach it the same way you would when writing a post for your page and make a good first impression.

Use relevant hashtags in your posts

Hashtags have been around almost as long as social media as we know it, although you may not have thought of them in the context of LinkedIn before.


Make sure you choose relevant, specific hashtags. There is a sweet spot between too vague and too general that will be your specialty.