Why Startups Must Focus On Android App Development?

Online businesses are moving their website based business to mobile apps. Today, most mobile users have smartphones and like to have all the information on their phone. Not only this, there are other beneficial factors of mobile application.

Startups focus on android app development

Plenty of opportunities

Every day, smartphone users around the world download millions of Android apps from the Google Play Store. This indicates that users are looking for more innovative applications that can fulfill their requirements in an easier and faster way. If startups focus on Android app development by creating the right resources and demonstrate their ability to innovate with Android, then there are enough opportunities in the market to take care.

Higher return on investment

Since Android is an open-source platform, the development costs incurred are very low as developers have access to the SDK and development tools for free. The investment a startup needs to make is in skilled resource and application marketing.

Higher productivity

App developers can save their efforts with the Android Development platform as there are a large number of code libraries available for use. Such readily available scripts just need to be run, which in turn saves a huge amount of time in developing a specific feature from scratch.

Open app distribution globally

It lets you control how to publish your app, publish whenever you want and as often as you want. You can decide whether to publish the application to specific target segments or to the whole world. It allows you to decide whether the app will be sold for a price or for free. Since you have all the controls for marketing your app, you can run your business in your own ways.

Feature-rich apps

The set of open-source development tools and libraries available can make the application interactive and feature rich. The more features an app offers along with a user-friendly design, the more customers prefer to download the same app.


Every business has different processes for managing operations. In order to manage different operations simultaneously, there are many systems that work hand in hand and there is a requirement to develop enterprise mobile applications that are compatible and interoperable with third-party applications running on different platforms.

Easily accessible resources

Not only is the SDK for Android development readily available, but getting skilled Android app developers is also easy these days. Which helps start-ups to get the required skill set in less time and start working.

Publicity and customer outreach

One of the main business advantages of an Android app is that you can get open publicity on Google Play. Millions of people visit Google Play every day, which gets your app noticed. You can also opt for play store marketing plans to promote your app and get more downloads.


Android app market is rapidly booming, making Android an even more preferred platform for launching your app. Creating an app on the Android platform will also give you a wider reach to customers around the world.