Why iOS Mobile App Development Earns Higher Revenues from AppStores?

Would you like to see what your interior design ideas will look like before realizing them. Then you absolutely need to install an interior design app. There are plenty of apps available for smartphones and tablets to help you with design, planning, purchasing, as well as provide professional advice.

iOS mobile app development


  • Houzz assists in planning and preparing homes for repairs or design. Besides, it provides access to a network of specialists and the market of home decor products.
  • Users can participate in forum discussions to share their tips and experiences. Houzz offers the best way to connect with specialists in your field to discuss the matter at hand.


  • Pinterest doesn’t exactly belong to virtual decorating apps, but it is an incredible place to start. The Pinterest app, having the identical interface as the desktop site, is fun and easy to use.
  • It lets users create endless mood boards to collect inspiring ideas for future craft projects, make purchases, or just outline decorgoals.


  • Getting qualified advice is now easier and cheaper thanks to the Havenly app. It will come in handy whenever you need an interior designer but don’t have money to spend on expert advice.
  • This furniture design app lets users upload a shot of the room they are interested in, pick the right interior designer based on their personal preferences, and start communicating with the designer to achieve the right look.


  • This type of interior design applications provides users with an extensive selection of antique, vintage and new furniture thanks to the new augmented reality technology.
  • Hutch combines rendering and shopping, virtually equipping rooms with shots uploaded by users and making it possible to make purchases directly.

IKEA place

IKEA is a Swedish home improvement store, renowned for its furniture and Scandinavian design. IKEA took into account the needs of its consumers and released the IKEA Place app. With its help, users may virtually place 3D models of furniture in their spaces.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D enables users to create 2D or 3D sketches of photorealistic HD pictures of their rooms or the entire house. This house design app serves as the starting point for presenting various room layouts and furniture changes.


Visualizing how new furniture will look in a space can be a daunting task. With the ability to convert 2D pictures to 3D visualization, RoOmy enables users to present different configurations of art and furniture in a specific space, with direct links to retailers.


  • MagicPlan takes pictures of the users’ spaces and converts them into floor plans with precise measurements. It isn’t as detailed in terms of interiors.
  • it is an effective interior design app for quick layout planning. MagicPlan enables users to import third-party floor plans as a template or create new ones.


If you are familiar with the artistic aspects of creating a mood board, choosing swatches, planning virtual room design, and the works, you can probably work it out on any application.