What Dimensions & Resolution Should Be For iOS And Android App Design?

When it involves photos, builders typically observe the guideline of thumb of ‘one length suits most,’ which isn’t an accurate solution. Undoubtedly, that is the handiest way, however, it could weigh down the utility visible appeal. To appearance perfect, your app must be tailor-made to the monitors of the unique devices. The exceptional photos preferably load on the run time and quantity to a nice consumer enjoy all together. Yes, it’s far approximately controlling the visible language to fit a selected platform.

That’s why you ought to be cautious of the cell utility dimensions and resolutions. Even executed designers who’re continuously analyzing cell or different display screen designs get baffled by many of the numbers of sizes and resolutions.

Dimensions & resolution for iOS and android app design

The basics

Righting categorizing these, display size, pixels, decision, and DPI correspond to bodily attributes of a display even as factors are the coordinate gadget which differs as in line with the tool it’s far jogging on. It is essential to recognize the distinction withinside the classes as we continue to the full-fledged clarification of the scale and resolutions.


A pixel refers to an unmarried cluster of coloured dots (commonly red, green, blue) on a display screen. By permitting and disabling the ones at unique intensities, innumerable colors and a variety of brightness may be created. If all of the dots are off, the ensuing shadeation is black, similarly, a white may be shaped while red, green, blue are enabled at an equal time. Thus, pixels are the bodily lighting on a display screen due to which you could see what’s being displayed as it’s miles hard to understand them one after the other without a near look.


Resolution in mobile is the range of pixels that can be throughout the display screen is to some of the pixels which can be downwards. For instance, the primary iPhone had a decision of 320×480, with 320 pixels throughout and 480 pixels down. Some of the cutting-edge mobiles have the identical decision to that of an excessive definition TV, 1920×1080, separate units of red, inexperienced, and blue lights, all found in a 5-inch display screen.


DPI Stands for “Dots Per Inch”. DPI is used to degree the decision of a display screen. The better DPI, the greater element may be proven in an image. The better DPI approach is that every separate pixel ought to be smaller in length to modify within the given space, making the display screen clean and consisting of a better degree of element than the real ability of the display screen.

Creating images

We have already protected pixels, density, display size, and resolutions. Now, allow us to recognize how snapshots are drawn, however for that, you need to recognize factors and Density-unbiased pixels (DPs) first.


To provide an explanation for what the factor is, we ought to cross lower back to the records of the iPhone. Once upon a time, the primary iPhone had a display screen decision of 320×480. Then the iPhone four got here together with the Retina display screen. The Retina display screen doubled the DPI even as retaining the identical display screen size – which means the variety of pixels that in shape into the identical area had quadrupled the decision of the primary Retina iPhone became 640×960 pixels.

Shape for app icons

Apple has created a brand new form known as a super-ellipse. There isn’t any authentic template for it. You can use casual templates to help you to create a replica. Every app has to deliver small icons to be used at the home display and for the duration of the gadget as soon as your app is installed, in addition to a bigger icon for a show within the App Store.


The concept in the back of the use of more than one monitor is to create a utility that may paintings well and be visually well suited with any generalized display configurations in each Android and iOS.  I wish the above article will function as an awesome manual for entire statistics on dimensions and resolutions so you can efficaciously personalize the appearance of your utility on one kind display configurations and supply an optimized revel into the users.