Why Is Rushing Never A Good Idea In Software Development?

In certain business circumstances, we feel that there is absolutely no time to waste. The walls are closing in and there is no escape unless we begin our project immediately.

Idea in software development

Our investors expect quick results

However, the risks that come with rushing things actually put your investors’ money at risk. Without it, we are unable to identify risks, opportunities, etc. Therefore, we cannot create software that actually fulfills the business objectives, which ultimately jeopardizes the entire project.

We operate in a highly competitive market and are already behind

Remember, never underestimate the first move advantage. In some cases, it may turn out that the competition is clearly too far and there are too many risks, so starting a project is simply not a good idea.

We want to find out how much interest there is in our product before we burn too much of the budget

This is one common scenario where founders want to quickly build an MVP minimum viable product version and go from there. While this way of thinking makes a lot of sense, we shouldn’t make it the primary motivation for our actions.

We can’t wait for our idea to come true, it’s that simple

It’s only natural to be impatient about a fascinating idea. But the rush that comes with excitement can result in hasty decisions and incomplete plans. It is always better for the project and the budget to use this energy to carefully complete each phase of the planning process.

Preparation of offer

After completing the research, we are able to prepare

  • Scope of work.
  • Estimate cost and time.

Team building

Software houses rarely have teams of developers and PMs or scrum masters just sitting around waiting for a new project. To build a complete team with all the skills we need, we must either

  • Transfer them from another task they need to transfer their knowledge to someone else.

It is perhaps the most time-consuming process, but the right team plays a vital role in development.


There is a huge difference between taking shortcuts and finding ways to deliver something faster. We are always flexible and have our own ways of working under tight deadlines, but we always put the client’s success first.