Why Is Docker In Vogue?

The docker technology presents a container that can store applications with all of their components. These docker containers, when finally packed, act as ready to deploy software codes for different platforms. Docker is a whole system that takes care of containers from creation till final deployment and everything in between. This is done through an API including some general commands and automation. Thus, a unified stage from where developers can build, run, test, execute, update, or even cease containers. Containerization has become a broader concept and its scope now extends to the IT industry. Docker is very trendy these days because it simplifies the software development process, transition and final deployment.

Docker in vogue


  • Docker file: This is a text file with instructions for creating a docker image and the tool used to run it.
  • Docker image: It is a file with read-only instructions about building a container and the components and methods used to run it.
  • Docker run utility: It is a command used to run containers.
  • Docker hub: It is a repository for storing, managing and sharing container images.
  • Docker engine: It is the core component of docker that uses client-server technology to run containers. The docker daemon, API, and CLI are the primary components of the Docker engine.
  • Docker compose: It is a command line operation for building and running multi-container applications on docker via YAML files.
  • Docker desktop: It is a docker desktop application that includes all the above docker components.

Popular applications

  • Building microservices architectures by running containerized code execution.
  • Assists CI CD by helping to deliver software through environment standardization and debugging along the way go.
  • Facilitating big data processing by splitting data and processing it further execution.
  • Facilitating container as a service by providing applications with distributed infrastructure and content.

Docker in vogue features

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Benefits of docker compose

  • Single Host Deployment means you can run everything on a single piece of hardware.
  • Quick and easy configuration due to YAML scripts.
  • High productivity Docker Compose reduces the time needed to complete tasks.
  • Security All containers are isolated from each other, reducing the scope of threats.


Docker has an efficient workflow for moving an application from a development laptop to a test environment to production.