Why You Need Google Analytics?

It is a web analytics tool that provides in-depth insight into your website and business online performance. Getting started is simple and in most cases you can start tracking key online business metrics correctly away. Google Analytics offers levels of complexity; the more you want to have it.


Monitor online traffic

You can track all sources of online traffic with Google Analytics. Understanding where your website traffic is coming from is essential to running an online business.

Understand user behavior

It unlocks the ability to understand how users, visitors and customers use your website. Behavioral data can significantly improve the results of your online business. Optimizing website performance is impossible without behavioral data.

Tracking offline to online marketing

GA allows companies to track even offline to online campaigns. Businesses should know how well offline marketing campaigns translate to an online store or website.

Data reports and customization

GA allows you to customize reports, dashboards, alerts, and with a wide range of third-party support, you can analyze data to suit the different needs of each company.

Improve online advertising with marketing analytics

To be effective in online advertising, you need to know how your ads are performing on your target website, and having GA installed before you start advertising online is essential.

Improve your search engine optimization and content marketing

This benefit is to identify the top performing pages of your website to give you insight into what type of content to invest in.

Google analytics conversion tracking

Measuring and tracking conversions is an essential part of measuring the effectiveness of any online business. GA unlocks the opportunity to track your website’s most important goals and conversions, improve your company, and monitor the results of any campaign. You can use GA to track user actions on your website.

Find your target group

Reaching out and offering content and services that serve your target audience is a robust digital marketing strategy, and GA will help you define your target audience.

GA award

The most significant advantage of GA is that it is free for companies to use, and each website can have its own account if needed.

Google analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is a paid enterprise version of GA that unlocks additional business analytics features for managing larger websites.

Google analytics improves your website

With GA, you can incorporate behavioral data into your design by measuring the success of different elements, and by introducing data into your workflow, you can create a more optimized experience for your users.

Google analytics ecommerce

It has more benefits for online stores thanks to the eCommerce tracking features found under conversion in GA.


The combination of GA many advantages as a web analytics tool for businesses makes it a valuable tool for gathering data that can help you take your business to the next level.