Top 5 DevOps Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Devops is the amalgamation of development and operations that have come together to create a technology that is rapidly spreading throughout the tech community. The main goal of DevOps is to reduce the time it takes a company to deploy a program. DevOps, most companies used an agile methodology. Below we discuss top 5 DevOps trends to watch out for in 2023.

DevOps trends


  • The state of devops report revealed that highly developed firms are more likely to have a implemented extensive automation.
  • The report also noted that 90% of respondents with highly developed devops practices said their teams had automated most repetitive tasks.
  • These initiatives will a continue to be more urgent to adopt for businesses that are yet to fully develop.
  • To make these initiatives work, teams will need to a integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning along with automating the entire process.
  • A incorporating machine learning into a delivery lifecycle helps businesses understand issues such as bottlenecks or capacity issues.
  • Additionally, based predictive analytics enables the devops pipeline to anticipate problems and provide potential solutions.

Application performance monitoring software

  • APM software is essential because it helps provide quick feedback to developers during deployment.
  • Front end monitoring helps track the behavior and performance of user interactions.
  • Application discovery, tracing, and diagnostics analyzes the relationship between web and application servers, infrastructure, and microservices.
  • Alops enabled analytics helps detect patterns, anomalies and causation across the lifecycle.
  • APM plays a key role in minimizing mean time to repair and improving user experience.
  • APM capabilities devops teams better understand business processes, provide visibility into business operations, help with problem isolation and prioritization.

DevOps security

  • Security is one of the most overlooked aspects of any development.
  • As the pandemic changes many things and people work from home, more services are being run in the cloud, leading to more attacks.
  • So the way a developer writes software and deploys it to its destination must be secure.
  • To get serious about prioritizing security for devops you need to.
  • Understand security goals.
  • Secure your code with standard tests.

Site reliability engineering and devops

  • According to reports from accelerate state devops google cloud sre and devops will complement each other in the coming years. SRE techniques such as service level Indicators will reinforce the goals of the devops team.
  • The report also states that teams that excel in modern practices are times more likely to experience greater software delivery and operational performance than those that are less mature in operational practices.
  • Such teams are also times more likely to have better business results.

Rise of DevSecOps

  • As development adopt Kubernetes, serverless, and other cloud technologies, cloud native security will become increasingly important.
  • Devsecops is the amalgamation of security and compliance testing into the development pipeline.
  • Seamlessly integrate into the lifecycle.
  • Provide transparent results to stakeholders.
  • Improve developer agility.
  • Help teams stay in their development environments.


Enterprise devops will continue to evolve and drive significant IT transformations that directly drive business goals and objectives. It will help improve the company’s ability to design, produce, launch and maintain high quality software solutions. They act as catalysts to create a regular and reliable release pipeline and create better communication between development, IT and business teams.