Top 9 Mobile App Development Framework In 2023-24

Mobile apps have proven to be a perfect tactic for businesses to boost their user base. App development does not require you to learn complex programming languages. A mobile application framework is an application development platform that includes many components such as toolkits, compilers, debuggers, coding interfaces, and so on. The developer writes the source code of the application and then the framework renders the application for the required mobile platforms using various components.

Mobile app development framework


  • It is a equipped with an easy to navigate interface. Using swiftic is a convenient option as you get a money back guarantee option for all its plans.
  • In addition, it has an additional of a success guarantee system.


  • Become a loyal shopper with a loyalty card.
  • development your mobile store.
  • Coupons in the app.
  • Win prizes with a scratch cards.
  • Customer engagement.
  • App promotion.
  • Help with publishing applications.

Native scripts

  • Native scripts is an open source framework for development native mobile apps powered by angular, typescript, javascript, CSS and vue.js.
  • Native script is a more suitable framework to reduce the code and load time of the application in the system.
  • Many leading companies love to use native scripts for their powerful web empowerment platform.


  • Native UI without web views.
  • Full direct API access for android and iOS.
  • Multi-platform application.
  • Important business support.
  • Robust backend support.

React native

  • React native is a best javascript library for development native apps for all devices and platforms.
  • With react native, you can develop rich apps for both ios and android.
  • It also allows you to create versions of different components for different platforms, making it easy to use a single code base on different platforms.


  • Low code.
  • Compatible third-party plugins.
  • A declarative API for predictive user interfaces.
  • It supports iOS and android.


  • This native platform is a represented by Microsoft. As a cross platform and open-source platform for applications, Xamarin offers a development ecosystem with backend, API, components.
  • It is a .Net development platform supported by various tools, libraries and programming languages.
  • With Xamarin developers, you can development native apps supported by an active community for android, tvos, ios, and windows.


  • Versatile backend infrastructure.
  • Diagnostic tools.
  • Application launcher.
  • Android SDK manager.


  • Ionic helps you development interactive hybrid and progressive web apps along with cross platform apps.
  • This open-source framework offers the services for development applications.
  • Ionic covers apps development for the web, android, and iOS.
  • With a out of the box features, Ionic is always considered an ideal platform over other mobile app development framework.


  • Intuitive user interface components.
  • Faster development time.
  • A powerful and stable development platform.
  • Evergreen community of a million developers.
  • Complete control over app creation.

Sencha ext js

  • Formerly known as sencha, it was merged with a ext js and is now the new face of a sencha ext js.
  • You can use this Javascript framework to development data intensive web and mobile applications.


  • It can manage millions of data.
  • Powerful analytics.
  • Flexible layout system.

Onsen UI

  • Onsen UI is development as the most powerful tool when it comes to development complex mobile applications.
  • One thing this platform deserves is its ability to make the app look cross platform.
  • A native look for ios and android, it uses automatic styling on UI components.


  • Zero-time set.
  • Simple to use and a easy to learn.


  • Flutter is a user interface toolkit from google that helps development native web, mobile, and desktop applications.
  • This UI toolkit comes with a fully customizable widgets that support development native apps in no time.
  • In addition, flutter’s layered architecture ensures faster rendering of a components.


  • Development in material design.
  • Cupertino development in widgets.
  • It supports both iOS and android.
  • High performance application.

JQuery mobile

  • jQuery mobile is a user interface system based on HTML5.
  • This website is touch optimized and used to create highly responsive apps for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • jQuery mobile has theme rollar offering a highly customizable theme.
  • In addition, this top mobile app development framework allows you to create highly branded websites.


  • Development on JQuery core.
  • Configured with a HTML5.
  • Automatic with a initialization.
  • A powerful theme framework.


As in our mobile app development framework comparison, there are plenty of options for mobile apps. We at surf have chosen flutter for cross platform development and have development a number of applications for various businesses, from streaming platforms to e commerce.