6 Proven Ways To Avoid Data Leakage In Android App

But with all its benefits also come risks and dangers. If your business depends on storing data in the cloud, you’re probably facing a number of challenges on how to keep your data as secure as possible. According to studies, up to 95 percent of public cloud data breaches are caused by customers. In this article, we will discuss useful ways to prevent data leakage in android app.

Data leakage in android app

  1. Education

Many organizations have found that one of the main causes of security threats is uneducated employees. By showing your employees how to follow good security practices, you can mitigate your risks and prevent many cloud data breaches. To do so, you’ll want to involve the entire company, because when people are actively involved, they feel more responsible and take responsibility for their actions.

  1. Data encryption at every stage

Encryption is a word that is often mentioned. Used correctly, it can increase the security of your data. Data must be encrypted when it is stored in the cloud, as well as when it is transmitted to the cloud. People usually invest time and energy in encrypting data only at rest. When it’s stored, however, it’s actually much more at risk when it’s moving because it’s going through more potential vulnerabilities.

  1. Using CASB methods

Closed Access Security Broker methods are API-managed systems that can be deployed for small or large use cases. It monitors network activity and restricts any operations considered high-risk, such as downloading files and distributing information on the Internet that are not secure. Many companies that use cloud storage are now using CASB systems. When dealing with personal private data, keep storage locations to a minimum and know where to store this sensitive data.

  1. Monitoring and auditing

Using CASB also allows the company to use its resources to monitor, audit and alert users. This allows companies to know which users and networks are accessing your public cloud data, helping you assess risks and address potential security threats. You can also learn more about your security vulnerabilities with proactive alerts. It is also essential to conduct background checks on all of your employees. This means granting access to some employees and denying access to all others.

  1. Microsegmentation

Microsegmentation is another word that gets thrown around a lot in the software industry, and it’s particularly applicable to cloud communications and data storage. It’s really helpful in minimizing risk when you can limit network access to just a few devices or users.

  1. Cloud governance principles

You can’t just stop at cloud app certification, that’s just the first step. You also want to have the right governance policies and processes in place to ensure you’re complying with data protection mandates your own and external. Developing a cyber breach response plan helps both employer and employee understand the potential damages should a breach occur in the future. Privacy is very important to both companies and consumers, so employers need to be transparent with their employees and the people they serve.


The use of mobile applications for several purposes is still on the rise in the modern world. These and various other features that involve sensitive data should be protected from unwanted mobile data leakage or data loss. It is the responsibility of the android app development company to look into these security related issues and provide a protected and beneficial environment.