PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which one to choose?

ASP.NET and PHP are the most popular programming language in today’s world.  Both these languages are used worldwide by thousands of programmers and developers. They have great structures, tools and a great community at their disposal. And this is accurately why it is so tough to write anything about PHP vs ASP.Net. PHP is a general scripting language on which developers depend on to a great level and on the other hand, ASP.NET has a type like Microsoft attached to its name.

What Is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is one of the top web application development frameworks by Microsoft. With each update, some long and new features are being added that aid the developers to develop high-performance, highly secure, and scalable web applications.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side, open-source scripting language with tons of devoted PHP developers that are used for the development of web applications. PHP may be embedded in HTML & it is well suitable for creation and development of web applications, e-commerce applications, database applications, etc. PHP is known as a friendly language due to its capacities to connect with MySQL, Oracle, and other such databases.

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Firstly, let’s pause the misconception that language that developers use for website coding effect its entire performance. Secondly, websites running on both ASP.NET and PHP have small or no differences in their performance.

Php vs - Performance

Both PHP vs ASP.NET are talented to switch access to file systems, search for images and show pages on web servers. And the speed and performance of these tasks don’t rest on the language. It depends on the database server, end user’s laptop/computer or any device and bandwidth.


ASP.NET presence a Microsoft formation comes rationally with allowing charges. ASP .NET works on windows operating system so its maintenance is also resource-intensive. All the third-party tackles of ASP.NET have certificate costs attached to it.

On the other hand, the promotions and updates are free with PHP and there is no licensing price involved. This is why most web agencies and freelancers – check out some of them on Design Rush prefer to work on PHP because of its cost-free with no certificate payment or third-party charges making it a well choice for most programmers


Another PHP advantage is that it’s very flexible so it allows you to develop anything you need. The solutions are open-sourced and can be organized according to your programming requirements in an array of contexts. It executes nearly all popular web servers and allows many languages.

ASP.NET is very corporate and why not, it’s supported by Microsoft. It has some limits and it can’t be used as easily as a PHP framework. If you like to effort on a web application with a small creative method, then PHP is your perfect choice.

Cross-Platform Integration

PHP works on LAMP stack model which is a safe software package that includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Linux. The LAMP is an open-source platform where no price is involved and the web developers preserve updating & upgrading the application which additional benefits the coded result.

Cross-platform integration

On the other hand, ASP.NET works on CLR and .NET background. It only executes on platforms that the .NET framework runs on. This bid limited working space, i.e. you won’t have ‘suitable access to machine basic functions. ASP.NET mostly works on Windows platforms and to kind it works on Linux you want to get ASP-Apache installed on your server. Mono is seen deciding this issue but it still has a long way to originate as a recognized, well-supported technology.

Programing Language

As a combination of web basis and programming, the imposts of PHP are many. It can be used in several web applications and websites with very fewer limitations. Most web programmers choose PHP because of its flexibility and modest technical feature in contrast to ASP.NET. ASP.NET is just a simple and conventional web framework.

best programming language


It is an identified fact that PHP framework is more scalable as related to ASP.NET. PHP framework scores high on total programmer’s experience, hard programming framework, overall rules, ethics and use of best programming performs.

The best serving about PHP language/framework is that you can change it rendering to your necessities. The high scalability feature used to build a new PHP program or app with PHP.

Community Support

PHP is a open-source and has a pool of app developers compared to ASP.NET. Though, both have a vast community with thousands of developers that post frequently to forums. If you are always fixed with a query in PHP vs ASP.NET, you will discovery both groups equally useful. ASP.NET community generally comprises devoted developers, the number of support sponsors who are available to post at a specified time might be a little lower than that of PHP. You might get a quicker response on the PHP forums and groups.

Php vs - Community support

Benefits of ASP.NET over PHP

  • NET offers the freedom to select from multiple languages such as Visual Basic.NET, C#, C++, etc.
  • The SQL security factor that ASP.NET offers is automatically useful to the applications and has limitless data storage.
  • With ASP.NET you get many .NET libraries which are not the case in PHP development.
  • NET lets threading of codes which permits multiple codes to run at a similar time.
  • NET developers are compensated much well than any PHP developer because there are fewer ASP.NET developers in the market.

PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which Web App Development Industry It Suits?

PHP suits for:

  • Small business websites
  • Startups
  • Self-governing software vendors
  • CRMS and,
  • Billing websites

ASP.NET suits for:

  • Websites/apps for enterprise
  • ERP apps
  • Intranet and,
  • CRM for Enterprise

Pros and Cons of PHP development


  • PHP is open-source meaning you can use it for free.
  • It has a large community of programmers for the support it.
  • PHP is fit for large projects like Facebook and so on.
  • This language is countless if you want to access and connect with other different file types.
  • It claims a large number of online provision and tutorials.


  • The main drawback of PHP is the fact that you can’t use it to progress desktop apps.
  • Its speed is slow compared to other languages
  • Due to its customization feature, the number of errors and poor coding growths.

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET Development


  • Microsoft keeps ASP.NET and it is scalability level is high giving tough opposition to its rival.
  • All the programming languages are maintained by ASP.NET. It also works easily with either app or C#,
  • Before compiling, it notifies the developer of any errors in the coding.
  • The language provisions numerous tools and structures that aid developer.
  • It is great for enterprise application and works well with Windows.
  • It has an amazing user-interface option for programmers.


  • It isn’t simple to study and know.
  • NET community is minor in number so provision from it is not much
  • It runs only on Microsoft’s server
  • It is expensive


The above pointers will help you select the right web app development platform. We boost you to further study the suitability for your application development necessity. As this debate of PHP vs ASP.NET comes to an end its time to decide which one is better than the other. Both the development frameworks are very great in the work they do and developers easily select between them as per the need of the development method. In many cases, PHP has shown to be a stronger framework but has also had some weaknesses that can affect the development process to a great scope.

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