Types Of Animation And Best Animation Software For 2023

Animation can be defined as the process of creating the illusion of movement using a series of drawings or photographs. The first is called traditional animation and the second type is computer animation. The animation process is not only used in the television and gaming industries but is just as common as other types of media

Animation software

Digital 2D animation

Digital or computer animation differs from traditional 2D animation in that it deals with creating images using computer software instead of drawing by hand on paper. However, using computer software to render images results in a much higher quality product.

Digital 3D animation

3D CGI animation was introduced as a replacement for the traditional stop-motion animation technique, which we will discuss shortly. To summarize, stop motion uses realistic manipulation of objects. In contrast, digital 3D animation does the same job but uses sophisticated computer software.

Animation on board

The animation process takes place in front of a plain white background. The screen usually shows a human hand holding a marker to make it look like it recorded a video of the artist drawing on the board.

Flipbook animation

This usually works well with a sketch-like style of painting or drawing. Each subsequent page contains an artwork that differs very slightly from the previous one. As the pages of the notebook quickly turn, the drawings move, creating a small illusion of movement. The artist may also choose to start from the last page of the notebook and work in reverse order.

Motion graphics

Many people think of motion graphics as distinct from animation, but others consider it a type of computer animation. While other types of animation focus more on backgrounds, artwork, and characters with storylines, motion graphics focus on the text. Sometimes it also includes other moving 2D objects such as graphs or shapes.

Adobe after effects

This software belongs to the world-famous Adobe family and is especially great for working with motion graphics, especially in the post-production process in the entertainment industry.

Adobe animate

One of the best types of animation software for 2D animation, especially vector graphics, the first version of Adobe Animate was released. This software has come a long way since its first release. It now supports animations for various platforms such as television, video games, and the web.

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop changed the entire field of computer animation by supporting many types of animation. Since its first release in 1998, the software has now become a leader in image editing and animation for both 2D and 3D graphics.

Automatic drawing

What sets Auto Draw apart from the other software on this list is its ability to use machine learning to automatically enhance your illustrations. You can draw quick doodles in the app, and it will give you a list of suggested drawings that most closely match your doodles.


We have covered in depth what animation is and what the many different styles of animation are, but we have also given you lots of different types of animation tools that you can use to start a thriving career in the industry.