12 Exciting Web Design Trends 2023

When you create a website, you get the space to impress your visitors. The internet is full of information and your website needs to be different to attract viewers. Above all, it should interest them so they can use your content. It’s time to take a look at the following web design trends that can make your website amazingly different in 2023.

Web design trends

Videos as structural components

Videos are always ubiquitous in website design. In case you need to add interviews or promotional videos to your website, videos are the best way to engage your audience by enthusiastically delivering key data.

3D illustration

3D effects and strategy in 2D space are a good example of this in action. Designers explore every 3D element, from animations and illustrations to scenes created using images and objects.

Organic shapes

Fluid or organic shapes are anything that doesn’t involve straight lines. These are shapes that occur in nature, such as the edges of a river or lake, hills, and how they are sinuous and asymmetrical.

Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the hottest web design trends for 2023. It’s trendy because it offers a low-contrast app or website that you can easily browse in low-light environments. It also helps you highlight a specific type of content.

Changes to scrolling

Changes to scrolling have already changed the way users navigate websites. This is why websites are becoming more accessible and engaging, instead of just playing the role of media that connects users to web activities. These transformations not only help users get more engaging experiences, but also collect basic information from the website.

Parallax animation

Parallax is an optical illusion that we see in our everyday life. It occurs when closer objects appear to move faster than distant objects. The parallax effect on the website looks so surreal and real. Using background and foreground to create depth has the added benefit of immersion.

Maximalist or minimalist extremes

Minimalist web design grows on simplicity and reveals other design elements. However, its less-is-more strategy can make a strong impression on the target audience and offer them an easy user experience.

Light colors

This kind of pleasant, low-saturation colors are sometimes grayish or dull, like when it’s cloudy.

Cursor or mouse actions/icons

You might miss this little trend if you aren’t paying attention to your cursor or mouse actions. When you hover, click, or scroll with your cursor or mouse, their states change into interesting things.


It includes 2 concepts – material design and skeuomorphism. Although it takes a minimalist approach, it serves a 3D feel in the form of buttons and other design elements.

Retro fonts

We have seen many great fonts before but now they have become very unsightly and fallen out of favor. However, instead of simply reusing previous typography, designers these days are reimagining conventional typefaces for 2023.

Vector art

It doesn’t mean you sacrifice load time and quality. However, it is quite demanding in terms of website creation. Vector art is the best solution to this problem.


As a leading web design company, we predict that we will see eye-catching, captivating, clear and clean websites. Websites should use video and animations to enhance the user experience. In addition, we anticipate obtaining a thumb-friendly design that can positively impact our brands and revenue.