5 Apps Every Mobile User Will Have Within A Year

As anyone with a smartphone knows, there is an app for almost anything and everything these days. With apps for banking, fitness, job hunting, cooking and more, we can manage every aspect of our lives right from the palm of our hands.

Apps every mobile user

  1. VR gaming application

Virtual reality has made a big impact on the gaming industry in the last few years, but it’s still not completely mainstream – mainly because of the costs involved. However, we predict that within a year, the costs associated with VR will decrease to the point that more people will be able to integrate it into their gaming experience. As for what’s available on the market now, CNN recommends several VR headsets that are compatible with mobile phones – but with better headsets becoming more affordable, they will become more popular, leading to more and more people downloading VR games.

  1. Crypto wallet

Even if you’ve only recently heard of cryptocurrencies or don’t fully understand what they are yet, they are expected to play a larger role in our daily lives in the near future. In short, cryptocurrencies are digital forms of currency in nature that operate in a decentralized and encrypted manner. This decentralization results in faster transactions, lower processing fees, and a more secure and transparent environment. In addition, many have taken to buying cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle, in the same way they might buy stocks or commodities.

  1. Interactive fitness application

When you’re looking for an app to help you reach your fitness goals, like Google Fit or Apple Health Kit, there are plenty of health trackers on the market. Obviously, getting accurate data on your heart rate, step count, and total energy expenditure should be one of your top priorities.

  1. AR photo application

If you’ve used popular apps like Pokemon GO or Snapchat, you’ve had some experience with augmented reality on your phone. It is widely believed that applications using this technology are just beginning and could become an important part of the smartphone within the next year. This will have a lot to do with gaming, but it will also include photography.

  1. Box subscription application

If you haven’t yet succumbed to the addictive trend of subscription services, we bet you will soon. These services companies like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Stitch Fix, and Fab Fit Fun deliver kitchen supplies, wine, clothing, sundries, and even dog treats right to your front door. They are amazingly convenient, mainly because most of them have highly functional apps that allow customers to control what they get and when.


While mobile usage and penetration is at an all-time high, every piece of data we’ve analyzed shows that it’s still on an upward trend. This is encouraging for anyone who has or plans to develop a mobile app.