Top 7 Free & Open Source Video Editing Software Systems

The video editing process contains manipulating video images. Your video editing software can record videos, but editing is the part of the post-production process, anywhere you have to change and convert video files into perfect 2D and 3D digital file formats.


With the latest released version 0.999, the free and open-source video editing software – Pitivi is continually ranking among the top software programs on the list. The attractive and intuitive user interface of the software saves its audience engaged. The software is capable of displaying hundreds of animated special effects, filters, and transitions. It is elastic and effective and it performs under frame-rated and self-governing timeline. It is stress-free to learn software and exciting to master as well.

Designed for Linux and Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Virtualdub is a popular free and open-source video editing software and video processing software. This software is planned to process the rectilinear video files like recompression and clarifying. To save the taken video, it customs the AVI file setup.

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot’s simple, the user-friendly interface shows some extra polish you don’t at all times see in a free open-source video editor. Shared with the built-in lesson when you initial release the software and the complete user guide available on the website, OpenShot makes video editing easy for beginners and specialists alike. Drag and drop media files into the package to import them, and drag and drop to effort with the video clips on the timeline. As long as you can save things straight, the additional flexibility can be supportive.

ShotCut Video Editor

ShotCut is an able, cross-platform and open-source film editing application for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 4K resolutions and broad format support highlight the impressive proficiency of the tool among its users. The stable release date of the Shotcut editor’s latest version is December 23, 2018. The software is established on the MLT Multimedia Background by Dan Dennedy in 2005.

ShotCut Video Editing Software


Flowblade doesn’t provide different versions for Mac or Windows at the duration of editing—it emphases on provided that a fast, even video editing skill for Linux. By avoiding too many extra topographies that could slow it down and complicate the process for home operators, it does well in creating a snippier loading and operating knowledge than a lot of other editing software. This also supports gives it added stability, cutting back on smashes that tend to hit other open-source products more frequently.


Lightworks video editor has been from a long time in the video editing industry and used in many films as website claims such as The Wall Street, LA Personal, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo and The King’s Speech. It is very easy to use and comes handy to edit videos for social media, YouTube or a 4K film project. 

Lightworks Video Editor

Hitfilm Express

HitFilm Express is a free and open-source video editing and VFX software which is a slip down form of Hitfilm pro version. The free version is not the most advanced but it sufficient to create high quality professional and smart videos. HitFilm 4 Express a free video editor contains 3D and 2D effects compositing, compatible with Windows & Mac, over 150 visual effects, free video editing tutorials, editor with transitions & unlimited ways, MP4 H.264 Export & Import, QuickTime Import (QuickTime install required on Windows) and supports M2T, AVI, MTS, M2TS, MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV Video Import.


VidCutter is an open-source video publishing supervisor for basic tasks. VidCutter gives many offers and features, but it performs for all the common tasks such as cutting or clipping. It’s under active growth as well. For Linux, it is accessible on Flathub. And, for Windows and Mac OS, you do get EXE and DMG file format in the new updates.

VidCutter Video Editor


Cinelerra is a pretty popular open-source video editor. Though, it has several branches to it (in other words – different versions). I am not certain if that is a moral thing – but you get various structures on separately of them. Cinelerra CV, GG, CVE, and HV are those replacements catering to users with different features. I would mention to check out Cinelerra GG.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is one of the best free and open-source video making tools that are existing for both Mac and Windows PC and will allow you to modify or edit a video file in certain requirements. The user interface of Filmora Video Editor is planned in such an implausible way that it works correctly for both Entrance Level Video bloggers and Professional Video Bloggers.