Virtual Reality Has Come To Our Rescue, Amid COVID Crisis

The world today is going through a hard patch, coping with the Coronavirus Crisis. As difficult because it has been to stay in worry of not contacting this gruesome virus, it has been lots worse residing in seclusion. Little did we comprehend it might be the sort of nightmare, residing in isolation, consequently, impacting our mental fitness to significant lengths.

Fortunately, it has emerged as viable to go to locations and live connected, and credit score goes to AR and VR era. According to the experts, Virtual Reality bestows upon us no longer just amusement experiences, however, all through such times its miles extra clear that it is one of these boons that can help us experience calm and collective.

Virtual Reality

Let’s take a peek into some of the app development agencies which have invented cool apps


Sound self will interact with you in deep meditation trance, a historic exercise called “toning.” Your breathing may be intense, and exhaling could be in long-prolonged tones. Sound self, launched earlier in April, and created by using Andromeda Entertainment, is an App Development company that specializes in designing the games to help support and broaden your mindfulness.

Deep VR

In partnership with Radboud University, Deep VR, a meditative gaming app, aims to relieve stress and tension inside the gamer. The participant can explore via a peaceful and melodious underwater world. Biofeedback mechanics facilitate this app controls the system. This app will launch this year, assisting the player in slowly and deeply manipulate their respiratory and experience this relishing experience like by no means before. As in step with research, this type of breathing enjoys enables loosen up the nerves of our body, reducing strain levels.

Virtual Reality


Healium is a platform that makes use of virtual fact, augmented truth, and wearables like the Apple Watch to reduce tension. In peer-reviewed studies, it’s been shown to quickly lessen moderate tension and increase emotions of positivity.

Using VR and AR will let you extensively relieve your pressure and tension levels; because of the immersive era, then it can use the traditional apps for meditation practice. Due to such reasons, the advice is to use VR and AR technology no longer handiest in homes but also in medical facilities.

According to Miri Polacheck, a CEO of a wellbeing-focused investment corporation and incubator, Joy Ventures, says that AR and VR can bring a giant exchange to the mental fitness of humans positively. This immersive generation can make you experience realistic, in terms which you get so indulged in the experience, which you truly feel it occurring even if it isn’t. This may be used to provide an empathetic therapy, consequently presenting a long-term fine result for managing any trauma and tension issues.


Meet Psious

Psious, a Barcelona-based enterprise, has come ahead in its improvement of a Virtual Reality platform. It has offered significant help to the mental fitness specialists and therapists to deal with tension disorders. It extends it assist to solve lots of issues, starting from treating tension problems, reducing fear of heights, and ingesting disorders.

Amid Covid-19, it supplied to help in aspects of imparting numerous environments connected with mindfulness, relaxation, and OCD problems. Psious consists of a complete of 70 virtual reality environments, myriad of scenes, and a perspective of 360-diploma video, for this reason supplying flexibility to treat various styles of pathologies. The Psious Academy gives software to teach its specialists to achieve top outcomes while imposing Virtual Reality Therapy.

Virtual Reality - Meet Psious

XR Health

Games, exercises, and environments that analyze your movements, designed to be extra powerful alternatives to standard therapy. According to XR health, the use of VR to treat mental health problems is not recent. But the COVID outbreak has fastened the use of VR and AR to lessen the mental health issues. The Psious Academy offers a program to train its experts to achieve pinnacle effects while implementing Virtual Reality Therapy.


The reports display that 45% of Americans’ mental health has deteriorated due to the COVID outbreak. The percent was 32% earlier in March, and now we recognize the psychological damage Coronavirus could engender. Moreover, the Census Bureau’s study for the quit of June suggests that 36% of American adults are facing anxiety and strain.

Maintaining social distancing, and dwelling in seclusion has made it important to apply the VR and AR era to rescue us from the mental fitness issues. It appears that the App Development Companies and Health Companies will come ahead with extra superb stuff within the future.