Tips To Make Your App More Visible To Potential Users

If you might have created the best app, getting it to the top in the ranks of both app stores and stand out of the millions can be a crucial and challenging task. Developing your app is one of the most essential things you should be targeting on once your app bats the store. The advertising part is very important in promoting or developing an app. Visibility is one of the most important elements of the advertisement. Here, we help you with some of the steps to make your app visible to users. 

Tips to make your app visible to users

Enhance app store optimization

Most users don’t search applications on the App Store or the Play Store. It is essential to optimize the App Store to input the application that is well-arranged in Google SERPs. 

  • A title is very important, the description must be written excellently, and application screenshots must be saved.
  • You should boost your users to analyze the application and submit opinions.

Many developers undervalued the strength of App Store Optimization, whereas it is very difficult for improving the visibility of your app.

Make Your App More Visible To Potential Users

Free at Launch

Generating a website, a placing page, or a blog that is all innovative. Social Media gives the ultimate podium to enhance app downloads. For example, Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram is a great chance to take.

Promotional video

Making a short video that concentrating on one main advantage of the app, and uploading it to the Youtube channel that you will create for your app will force your app up in the search results. The first minute of the video is difficult. In special focus should be paid to the quality of the video, after all, the video represents your app. A video often illustrates the functions of the app better than screenshots can do.

Paid Acquisition

The paid acquisition is one more tip on how to develop app downloads, and as the name explains it is getting customers through paid methods such as ads, online network channels and, etc. Run additionally paid ad to barnstorm based on the valuable insights from ASO about the marketplace and competition to further promote app installations and visibility.

Create the homepage for the app

Creating websites is the most important thing to reach the audience. A good ranking of the website necessarily makes your app visible to users. The focus must be paid to an engaging design and valuable content. Screenshots, informative videos, and app explanations also give the user the chance to collect insight into the performance of the app on the desktop PC.

Create homepage

App indexing

App content can also be made available via so-called deep links in the search results. For Google to clamber the app content, it is important to establish the indexing API. It set up speed and easy access to app content through Google search. The app download, users are forwarded straight to the relevant content within the app.


It is available to create advertising is the best way to make your app visible to users. AdWords offers the availability of viewing advertisements in the areas of the potential and to the relevant focus group. For example, apps from the competition that is similar to your app, enhance the user base and help to impress more focus in the search results from Google. 

Advertising in the conference

Another important point is the circulation of information about the app on the Internet. Forums are best for advertising your app. The more posts uploaded via the app, the better. The user should have the chance to give feedback or suggestion outside of the app store. The app should become a topic of interaction, which gives a good basis for developing the popularity of the app. Feedback to user comments both in the App Store and in forums develops the quality of the app.

Advertising on social networks

Social networks are the best way to expand new products and information these days. The demand for the app can quickly enhance through a large community. If you have a huge online community of your own, that will help to promote your app easily. In recent days, Nothing works without Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook this century.

Common mistakes & How to avoid them

Increasing your downloads is an insecure road and it is available to make convinced mistakes. As quoted earlier, ASO can generally make your app visible to users.

  • If your app is continuously crashing, this will necessarily block the satisfaction of your best to a lower visibility score. Based on ASO, continuously audit your user reviews and make developments relating to the performance of your app.
  • Sometimes developers don’t have enough knowledge of the mobile market and the particular standards for the category they are being ranked. In the nowadays highly competitive and bitter marketplace, making a good app just isn’t enough anymore. Make sure to stay educated.
Common mistakes

Final thoughts

If all these points are followed consistently and regularly refreshed, nothing stands in the way of a good ranking in the app stores. The success will be displayed in the number of downloads of the app. It is also necessary that your app is of the highest quality. Assure that you meet with excellent app developers.