The Best SEO Tools For Agencies In 2023

SEO tools help users optimize their websites for better visibility and search engine rankings. These tools provide users with data about their website in terms of search engine rankings, backlinks, keywords and much more. Using the data analyzed by the SEO tool, the user can uncover opportunities to improve the ranking of their website.

SEO tools for agencies


SEMrush SEO toolkit offers a fully comprehensive set of SEO tools. You can view detailed keyword analysis reports as well as a summary of all the domains you manage. More importantly, the SEO toolkit allows you to benchmark your site’s performance and see how you stack up against the competition. Traffic analysis helps identify the main sources of your competitors’ web traffic, such as the most frequently referring pages.


Ahrefs has quickly become one of the most popular SEO tools on the market and is used by web developers and content creators around the world to expand their online presence. Add in an advanced keyword explorer, competitor tracking tools, and a wealth of user documentation, and Ahrefs could be the tool you need to rank better and increase traffic. Ahrefs comes with all the tools you need to explore and grow your online presence. A central dashboard gives you an overview of your project ratings, traffic and backlinks.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a platform of SEO tools designed to help you increase traffic, rankings and visibility in search engine results. Key tools include the ability to audit your site using the Moz Pro browser, which should highlight potential issues and recommend useful insights. There’s also a keyword research tool to help you determine which keywords and keyword combinations might be best to target, and there’s also a backlink analysis tool that combines a combination of metrics including anchor text in links as well as estimated domain authorities.

Majestic SEO tools

The main focus of the tools is on backlinks, which are links between one website and another. This has a significant impact on SEO performance and as such Majestic has a huge amount of backlink data.


SpyFu is a search analytics company that scours the internet for data that is used to identify keywords that companies and websites buy with Google AdWords. SpyFu also compares search results to search terms, so companies have better insight into the types of searches and word strings for which they appear on Google’s search engine results page.


We evaluated what types of users the various tools would be most suitable for new website owners, SMEs and large enterprises. We also looked at their pricing plans and the different tools they offered.