15 Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams And Stay Connected

Working in virtual teams requires fixed available hours during which all participating members are visible and responsive online. Only then can there be a coherent movement towards the start of work. Everyone should agree on when to check in and check out and inform other members before going on break.

Remote teams and stay connected


Trello is a household name for those of us who like our work organized. It advertises itself as an easy way to prioritize tasks using cue cards, rule-based triggers, commands, and automated workflows.


Saviom Resource Management software puts no emphasis on configurability, how much personalization can be built into dashboards, analytics and portals. It helps managers view and track project resource schedules and time-sensitive activities.


Its solutions are classified by teams and workflows, with the newer version listed under Remote Teams Workflow. Asana allows you to create visual project plans that fix schedules, uncover risks and errors, stop failures, and ensure no task gets lost in the shuffle.


It allows teams and managers alike to track time at work and re-prioritize tasks so that members don’t waste free time on those that can be automated just as easily and quickly. 


Slack is the first communication tool for teams of any size. It keeps interference to a minimum by allowing you to create separate channels based on the number and type of participants. It tags team members and allows easy file uploading and sharing.

15 Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams And Stay Connected


Toggl has your back by letting you know how much your time is worth. It features inactivity detection and time tracking and splits hours by client, project and tasks. Knowing how time passes is equal to knowing what makes you profitable and what holds you back.


Hubstaff has carved its own niche in time tracking and team productivity at work. It includes a team planner and helps track daily activity levels. An interesting feature is geofence tracking, which is a location-based clock that can be turned on and off based on working hours.


Without Skype, it is impossible to communicate remotely. Skype is primarily a video messenger and allows free voice and video calls to anyone in the world.

15 Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams And Stay Connected

Zooming in

Zoom provides a consistent business environment and includes meeting rooms, chats, webinars, and conferencing capabilities. In light of the recent pandemic, more and more offices are working online, which means a greater need for teamwork.

Same page

Samepage is a new and upcoming entrant to the collaboration software list and offers teams, sub-teams, private chats, tasks and file sharing. The same page can be enabled for desktop and mobile notifications.

Google drive

G-suite lets you create documents, track statuses in spreadsheets, and create beautiful presentations with a variety of built-in and free templates. Editing and proofreading can be done by members with access to the link, and others can see suggestions and address comments.

15 Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams And Stay Connected


Blink is the ultimate employee app that keeps frontline workers and mobile teams in touch with each other and office staff. Promotes communication and keeps everyone informed of projects, progress and workplace dynamics.

Chrome remote desktop

Chrome hits the spot with its remote desktop connection and support options. Access to the computer.

Team viewer

While the name ‘team viewer’ may sound distracting, it t allows you to remotely access and control desktops and servers from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

15 Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams And Stay Connected


Zapier appears everywhere thanks to the large number of applications that it can skillfully connect to the system. Currently keeps information flowing between web applications and ensures you can focus on work.


Toggl has a project dashboard to compare progress with time spent. It even ensures fair pay for everyone by assigning billing rates to work that team members can view. You can even create an audit trail to track activities and create custom analytics and reports to manage responsibilities delegated to multiple groups.