Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React Native as Cross-Platform App Development

With Android and iOS apps turning into greater famous each passing day, groups are making an investment in developing apps for each system to attain a far wider audience. As a result, move platform app development is an increasing desire over a completely local app development with the aid of using the bulk of developers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React Native as Cross-Platform App Development

React native as cross-platform app development

React Native is an open-source framework that permits platform mobile software developing the usage of JavaScript and React that’s an open-source JavaScript library advanced with the aid of using Facebook, Instagram, and different developers to personal interfaces React Native makes use of JSX to create local apps for Android in addition to iOS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React Native as Cross-Platform App Development

Advantages of react native

Code reusability and Pre-Developed components

What’s even higher is the case wherein the enterprise already possesses software written in react that scenario, the development fee is similarly decreased due to the fact a lot of the prevailing code may be reused to create the new app.

Live and hot reloading

React Native actively aids live in addition to hot reloading, despite the fact that they’re exclusive from every different live reloading can bring together and study the adjustments made with the aid of using a coder.

Cost-effective solution

The current language of this outcome is within the smaller group of local developers for all app development groups and guarantees a pointy discount in undertaking crowning time aided by using the competence of the react native network.

Simplified UI

The JavaScript library resembles an open-source framework with the assist of this generation developers are capable of gaining the right series for developing apps.

Third-party plugin support

The fundamental framework of react native components to make up for that shortfall guarantees developers have to get admission to third-party plugins like JavaScript modules and local modules.

Disadvantages of react native


React Native is the most recent programming language for android and iOS counterparts that the techniques of the React Native lifecycle have nevertheless no longer has been absolutely assessed that’s why it may often have poor or unpredictable effects on app functions.

Difficult to learn

React native may be very challenging specifically for freshers in app development who would possibly locate developing packages with JSX within the JavaScript syntax extension difficult besides React Native app developers should understand local app coding to react native libraries with local bridges for functions like maps, videos, etc.

Low security

The app secure JavaScript is fragile and this outcome in a few developers experiencing low stages of safety.

Complex UI

They require many interactions react native having a gesture responder system coder would possibly retain to battle with monitors with complex gestures.

Longer initialization time

Other coders have with React Native is that it takes longer to initialize the runtime earlier than it may render nicely the primary time. This trouble exists in spite of hi-tech gadgets and may be brought on due to the fact JavaScript threads typically take greater time to initialize.

Memory management

React Native is likewise no longer appropriate to be used in computation in-depth apps due to the fact it’s far primarily based totally on JavaScript. React native reduces overall performance and velocity in those packages, and drift computations are also treated in an inefficient fashion, making reminiscence control and utilization difficult.


Our group of professional and skilled developers has added overall performance packages developed with react native and helped groups to provide first-rate revel to their clients and meet their enterprise objectives.


React Native can assist groups to make exceptional and scalable mobile apps with appealing and responsive UI and supply a first-rate local app person reveal into their clients.