The Most Interesting React Native Apps 2023

Since mobile channels ceased to be the digital avant-garde and became an absolute necessity, the search for technologies that enable developers to do this with minimal time and cost has intensified. React Native was born in 2015, it dominated the scene almost immediately. It was a living incarnation of the idea of ​​building mobile apps with one paradigm for multiple platforms.

React native apps


React Native is also used by a well-known American manufacturer of electric cars. Tesla used React Native to create its app that allows owners to control their vehicles from smartphones or tablets. They may appear to be using a cross-platform app created because the in-car Tesla OS and the Tesla mobile app share a similar layout. But it is not true because they only use React Native for their Android and iOS app.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can create your online and offline store. It offers all the tools you need to manage demos, communicate with customers, accept payments, etc. They decided to rewrite their app from Array to React Native and reported to the team felt they were twice as productive as using native development. They will change the core to be compatible with both Array and React Native, and the choice of language for a specific application is up to their developers.


Skype is a well-known text, voice and video communicator. In 2017, the team decided to replace the existing application with a React Native application. Users have seen several free upgrades, from a complete redesign of the layout to visible progress in functionality. In 2020, Microsoft switched from React Native to the Electron version with some new features. React Native is designed for mobile platform development for iOS and Android apps, while Electron focuses on desktop GUIs that integrate the Chromium engine and Node.js runtime.

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Shine is a stress reduction and relaxation program that includes motivational articles, sayings and tools to deal with tension. It features the voices of experts creating inspiring recordings. The creators wanted to create an app for iOS, so the main target was users from the United States, since this is where most people use Apple products.


All of them are popular, they were based on great app ideas, they were successful and gathered many users who provide more feedback, which is necessary for the further development of the app. All applications are also different from each other; some are more advanced, some less so, some are meant to appeal to a mass audience and are a bit specific to a unique set of users.