5 Reasons Your Project Needs Business Analyst

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where a client needs an automated telemedicine management platform. The client subcontracts the development team. Each team member interacts with the client equally, writes their share of code, and performs their fair share of testing. And as long as the tasks are relatively simple, everything is fine. Suddenly, the work scheme fails when the team needs to develop a more complex business subsystem.

Project needs business analyst

1. Communication with the client

The company’s relationship with the client is of utmost importance. When an order comes in from a client, it is the business analyst‘s responsibility to ensure that he communicates well with the client to clearly understand their requirements. The projects requested by the client can be technical or non-technical. Non-technical projects can easily be handled by business analysts who have good communication skills. When a client requires a complex technical product, a technically skilled business analyst can benefit the team.

2. Research and documentation

As a business analyst, you will constantly receive business ideas on how the company can operate more efficiently. Most of these ideas may not work and you may have a suitable analysis as to why it would not work. For the purposes of proper documentation, it is necessary to limit these thoughts and discussions made. There is a chance that the same idea will be proposed in six months and all you have to do is refer to your notes to communicate them to your team.

3. Innovative approach

If you are an individual who can think on your own and provide quick suggestions on simple problems, this is the job for you. In the normal processes carried out by the company, there may be minor problems that need to be solved immediately to ensure the proper functioning of the process. Your idea may not be accurate or the best, but you should be able to immediately think of something that will help solve the problem. In long-term practices, you can also brainstorm and discuss innovative ideas to replace traditional ones.

4. Productive meetings

As a business analyst, you will no longer need to attend such meetings. You can take charge of meetings and increase productivity by keeping them short and to the point. Discuss only the important aspects that need to be looked at as soon as possible. These meetings ensure that the team spends less time in meetings and more time doing real work.

5. Independence

This is the most important advantage of a business analyst. Almost two-thirds of your day is spent finding solutions to certain problems yourself or coming up with innovative solutions to create new business opportunities. The decisions you make for the betterment of the society will not have a negative impact because you would have done a thorough analysis before taking the decision.


Business analytics is becoming a new trend for companies to ensure the highest possible quality of services, products and customer relationships. It includes modern technologies, tools and techniques that help several businesses grow.