How To Become A Good Programmer: Steps To Develop A Logical Skill?

To become a good programmer, you need to develop your logical skill. you would like to be specific at the information creation, processes, designing OOPS, multi-threading, and many programming ideas e.g. recursion, divide and conquer, prototyping, and unit testing. If you are a beginner need to choose the right  Programming Language is very important. 

Reading good blogs

Reading good blogs could be a touch a part of reading books. however, can reading blogs assist you to become an improved programmer? Well, it does. Since blogs are usually written by software engineers themselves and most of them share their personal scan, experience, you often understand them relevant.

Also, blogs are a little piece of data thus it digests well. A journal additionally helps to be told about new technology and new options of existing language and API. Many times, I actually have seen one thing delicate or lost things from a very well-known part of Java delineate in a very little journal post.

Coding, coding, and coding

Why have I cryptography at the highest of this list? as a result of its troublesome and same time its central piece of programming. In coding, you can check errors in designing, error handling, negotiating, and then come back to those separate skills to support. you simply cannot add designing only, coding manufacture output, that is vital to be told and act as a hit.

By the way, do not stop just once solving the problem, it’s always better to throw away your initial resolution, that’s just a prototype, your next solution should address problems, missing necessities that you have got found building a prototype.

Develop Coding Skill

Learn techniques and tools

Programming languages, tools, and methodologies return and go. That’s why it pays to induce the maximum amount of expertise as you’ll with as several languages and frameworks as possible. focus on the programming fundamentals, as a result of the basics never change; pay additional attention to design than to programming. If you’re feeling bound that there’s only one right way to do one thing, it’s most likely time for a reality check. Dogma will hamper your ability to be told new things, and cause you to slow to adapt to vary.

Code review

Code review is one more problem that aids to become a true hard programmer. Code review helps every reviewer and author, the reviewer improves his code sense and offers real recommendation whereas the author learns from his mistakes. It typically helps that the code you’re thinking that’s rock hard, has around bugs that individually various programmer can see, Code review and individual elements checked.

Debugging skills

Programmers produce code, however, once the software doesn’t work, of course, the programmer should be able to move the matter quickly and effectively. So, rather than creating changes to any or all your code, build a correct flow document whereas making your program so you’ll investigate your code terribly quickly and realize the difficulty as shortly as attainable. By creating a correct document, you’ll debug your program quickly while not wasting a lot of time.

Attention to detail

Many programmers and coders don’t head to school to learn their trade. There are other ways to liveability for coding, however, nothing will substitute the trouble an individual makes, on their own. It’s one of the few areas within the world wherever self-taught diligence will result in a remunerative, extremely demanded career. What you won’t have to be compelled to have learned, or have necessary talents, are lessened by however closely you’ll listen to details. The perception of the interconnectivity in commands, general awareness, and lingual exactitude are all very necessary elements of a coder’s toolkit. a way to try and do this is often through the organization.

Strong memory

Innovation and improvisation are very necessary for coding. In several cases, you’ll end up utterly baffled, or faced with a problem, project, or situation you’re thinking that you recognize nothing regarding. generally, you’ll be right. Often, if you’re thinking that hard enough through your experiences, you’ll notice one thing you’ve already encountered could prove helpful once more. it would be from direct coding expertise, or it would be an abstract, unrelated memory that somehow seems pertinent, or simply through recalling it causes you to think about one thing helpful for the instant at hand. whereas operating with identical languages, you’ll interiorize syntax, and it’ll feel less like victimization memory and additional want to recall necessary commands.

Ability to handle failure

As a software developer, you may seldom have success on the primary attempt, thus failure is nearly a certainty. Thus, take this as a challenge instead of as a sign of defeat. Having patience and persistence is extremely necessary for having success in programming.

Remind yourself how much you have got to learn

The first step in learning one thing is recognizing that you just don’t are aware of it. That sounds obvious, however, experienced programmers keep in mind however long it took to beat this personal assumption. Too several applied science students graduate with a proud “I understand best” ostentation, a sturdy certainty that they understand everything and also the intense have to be compelled to prove it to each new work colleague.

Doing side projects

If you don’t like doing freelance projects, you’ll specify some attention-grabbing come and work on them in your free time. engaged on your own comes positively assist you to improve your skills all told phases: coding, testing, designing, documenting, deploying, etc. this provides you huge experiences of the full method of code development, in distinction to operating in a very company wherever you’ll involve in barely the coding part.


Every programmer needs to become a much better programmer, however, not everybody succeeds. with the exception of the natural talent of programming and downside finding, it needs a lot of diligence, constant learning, and perseverance to become a much better programmer. The additional you are doing real work e.g. Coding, Designing, Unit Testing, and Code review, the higher you may become. If you only wish to try and do one factor at this moment, I might say go and read clean code.