Google Developers Console

As a developer, some knowledge about how to learn the Google play console and update the application. Uploading the app for the game, create a store blog and publish to spread the audience on Google Play. But suppose to don’t understand that the Play Console has more to offer, particularly to absorbed on learning the advantage and engaging presentation of their app.

Communicate the Play Console initialize each benefit and opinion to some valuable resources to some of the consoles. Once develop the most featured app that can grow the user administration controls to contribute to your colleagues’ admission to the right access or data want.

Dashboard and statistics

The dashboard and statistics items are related to the reports give you a summary of how your application is executed very well.

The dashboard responds to key questions about the application with summaries of installations and uninstallations, top installing countries, active apps, ratings, volume and reviews, Android essentials, and pre-launch reports. For every statics, click explore or assessment for more complete evidence.

Android vitals

Android vitals is covering all about the quality of code, as measured by its presentation and stability. An internal Google study absorbed the previous year observed at one-star reviews on the Store the 50% declared app constancy and bugs. Containing consoles about particular problems will impact user fulfillment, ensuing the more individuals leave-taking constructive evaluations and care your app connected. When there is enough aggregated data, Android vitals can provide information about many aspects of the app’s performance: battery configuration, rendering (also known as jank), constancy, creation time, and authorization rejections.

Release management

In the release part, control how your efficient app gets to people’s strategies. The release contains challenges to your application before setting the correct device targeting. Hence, because of handling and analyzing updates in the implementing and executing tracks in real-time.

As an app publication is taking place, the release console bounces a comprehensive way of significant statistics. It also investigates your updated android application package release with a previous release. You might famine to equivalence in contradiction of a less acceptable announcement, to achieve similar movements aren’t recreating. Or, you can find differences of release to enhanced.

Store presence

Store presence accomplishes by the application performance monitoring on Google Play. Execute experiments on app’s listing content, fixing budgeting and markets, get an app’s descriptions, icon, feature images, screenshots, rating, handling in-app products, and get translations and privacy policy.

User acquisition

Every developer needs to reach an audience for our content. And about analyzing and optimizing your user acquisition and retention.

  • Retained Installers — shows how many visitors to your app’s store page, then installed visitor details.
  • Buyers —then how many of them installed the app and went on to buy free or subscriptions.
  • Subscribers — shows installed your app and focus on activating an in-app subscription.

Financial reports

Want to become a given app for payable option, in-app products, or contributions. It will want to show and evaluate revenue how going on. The report’s part delivers access to many kinds of dashboards.

The reports deliver an impression of revenue and buyers and show Advantage buyer performance has changed compared to the previous report period.

User feedback

Ratings and user feedback are predominant for developers. Play Store visitors observe the app contents a then decide to install the application. Reviews also provide a better way to connect your audience with engaging and gather valuable responses about your application.

Ratings are the information that depends on objectives of application breakdowns over time by location, several languages, app version, device, and specialization of your application. It contaminates the information to understand how your app’s rating difference between the benchmark score for its application category.

Global Play Console

The Play Console benefits are available for the app. Before submitting the app, a brief guide to the global Play Console features games services management, app management, and installation reports, notifications, and user’s settings.

And one more thing is complete access to using these features and descriptions for your app in the console. You can distribute each of your team associates with a view or manage access to the whole explanation or just to specific sections. So, therefore you want access to marketing-led edit to application listing, reviews, and AdWords. And one more thing is accessing the terms and conditions is to make better reports to be visualized.

Get the Play Console

Post screenshots focus the Play Console in a web browser, and also available for your Android device. Develop fast access to the app’s account statistics, application ratings, content for installed application reviews, and release description. Get alerts for significant updates, like the current release is live on the play store, and accomplish the applications responding to reviews.


Finally, The Android application submission for the play store is detailed discussed from above these steps.