Must-Follow Things to Remember Before Launching Your Android App

The development is completed, testing is done, and you’re prepared to launch your mobile app on the app stores. It looks like a simple task but the time between app development and app launch is very important to the success of your mobile app. It’s this moment when many startups make serious mistakes. Here, we discuss some steps you need to consider before launching an Android App.

How might you broaden a cellular app? Well, either you may rent the pleasant android app development enterprise company or you’ll pass on freelancer portals to hire any freelancer. Undoubtedly, you could broaden an app, will deploy it on the app save but unfortunately, it fails. Such scenarios are very not unusual and take place because they don’t maintain in mind checking out as a crucial aspect. Along with constructing a cellular app, it’s far pretty necessary to check your software with a useful resource of thinking about numerous parameters. Once you’re thrown out of the app preserve with negative reviews and feedback, probabilities are uncommon that you could get a second chance to decorate your visibility amongst So, here are some of the maximum commonplace vulnerabilities that you should keep away from to make certain successful app some of the followers in the play store.

Steps to Launching an android app

Validating input field

Before submitting facts to the server, it is miles vital to make sure all required shape controls are filled out, in the appropriate format. This is called client-factor form validation and helps make certain data submitted fits the requirements set forth inside the various form controls. This article leads you thru simple standards and examples of client-facet form validation.

Validating input field

Client-aspect validation is an initial test and a critical characteristic of the exact person enjoy; via catching invalid records on the client-issue, the person can restore it straight away. If it receives to the server and is then rejected, a noticeable put off is due to a spherical revel in to the server and then returned to the client-side to tell the person to restore.

Data leakage

The unauthorized switch of classified records from a computer or data center to the outside world. Data leakage can be finished with the aid of truly mentally remembering what end up seen, by way of physical elimination of tapes, disks, and reports or through diffused approach consisting of data.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a technique for ensuring that surrender users do not send critical or sensitive records out of doors to the corporate community. DLP is also used to describe software merchandise that helps a community administrator manipulate what records stop clients can transfer

Data leakage

Weak server

Weak Server Side Controls encompass almost the entirety that mobile software can do badly that does not take area on the cellular telephone. Now, you will probably say that is why we have an OWASP Top 10 Web Project as well. Yes, we do but the reality that they rely on a connection with the server makes company mobile programs similar to standard client/server packages. However, that isn’t always the problem. The problem is that mobile builders often do now not continuously take conventional server-aspect security troubles into account.

Weak Server

UX practices for android app development

The idea at the back of Adaptive Android Design is to the residence to as many certainly one of a kind display sizes as possible. It’s to no longer make the cellphone user feel like they are using a tablet and the pill user experience like they’ll be the usage of a mobile phone. When designing apps, we commonly tend to begin with smaller screen sizes.
The mobile consumer enjoys (UX) format refers to the layout of remarkable experiences at some stage in the use of mobile devices and wearables, and applications or services walking on such devices. The cell market, similar to the contexts in which mobiles are used, places unique necessities on the layout of the user experience.

Android App Development

Use encrypted communication

If you’re the usage of standard, unencrypted SMS texting, which incorporates that offered through your wireless issuer, you’re leaving your self open to tracking through your provider and your government, similarly to hackers and criminals.
Encrypted messaging provides prevent-to-stop encryption for consumer-to-customer textual content messaging. Encrypted messaging prevents absolutely anybody from tracking your textual content conversations. Many encrypted messaging apps also provide cease-to-stop encryption for phone calls made the use of the apps, further to for files that are sent the use of the apps.

Use Encrypted Communication


Launching an Android app can be something this is achieved once, however, your cellular app adventure doesn’t surrender properly right here. Remember to preserve promoting, evaluating, and enhancing the app approach that allows you to achieve real success.

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