Guide of Top Mobile Game Categories

The mobile game categories development, give or take, starts with a game idea. The selection, however, isn’t something that scares most of the developers. This guide isn’t about helping you choose the right category of the game, instead, it’s rather a helping blog post to provide a glimpse of a few mobile game categories to help you figure out the game category you want to work in. So, in this article, you’ll learn how to think out of the box while choosing mobile game genres for launching your mobile game in the future.

Mobile game categories

Mobile gaming market has lots of different genres that can target any taste. And here’s all the mobile game categories are:

Action games

Although, as we’ve already commented before, that is the modality of video games that predominates within the consoles and PC video games area; within the mobile area they best constitute 11% of the marketplace share. This is due to the fact the dynamics of the sport call for that you may experience a more consumer experience, something tough to acquire on small screens.

The subgenres of movement video games include:

        ▪      Platform video games.

        ▪      Shooter video games.

        ▪      Fighting video games.

        ▪      Beat ’em up video games.

Casual games

This class is one that dominates the marketplace for video games for mobile devices. With 58% of mobile device penetration rate, informal video games are the maximum performed sport style via way of means of Android users.

Mobile gaming is the growing super mega-celebrity for the gaming industry, and informal video games are growing super mega-celebrity of mobile gaming. This style consists of a whole lot from video games like Candy Crush to the maximum well-known video games of the threat of their loose versions, consisting of slots or loose bingo.

Most bingo and online casino systems have observed this fashion and they all have already got their software in order that we will wager with our smartphones.

Puzzle games

Mobile recreation options alternate according to countries, for instance in UK, the maximum preferred gaming app style is puzzle. Just 1% greater than informal video games, however still, puzzle video games win. This style of the video game is the second one maximum performed on cellular gadgets over the world, with greater than 30% of general downloads.

They are video games wherein our mind participates a lot, seeing that in a maximum of them we ought to consider a method to satisfy the objectives. Within this style, the maximum famous board video games are included, inclusive of Parcheesi, Dominoes, Scrabble; in addition to card video games, puzzles and numbers.


Arcade games are normally the type of games that require your full attention. It’s an interesting genre that brings you a taste of multiple game categories. It could involve a little bit of running and focusing that make this category interesting. However, arcade games are slightly different from adventure and action games. This type of game isn’t thrilling, action-packed, and breathtaking but they are certainly addictive.


If you’re planning on launching a game that doesn’t involve fighting, gun shooting, and punching, and the gameplay revolves around some kind of a mission that needs to be completed then your game might be an arcade game.


Adventure games are always fun to play. Such games are mostly based on running characters, the collection of coins/items, following the paths, and finding the hidden things. However, the world-known game Pokemon Go is also an adventure game. Although, it is a bit of a running and augmented reality-based game, still, it falls in this category.


The scope of the adventure gaming category is comparatively wider than the arcade. It means you’ll find various types of games in the adventure category.


The mobile game categories are a dozen of them out there. It’s not about choosing the right category, in fact, it’s about choosing the right idea and work through to identify the right category for your mobile game. You don’t have to brainstorm much on the type of game you want to develop, instead, you just know the type of game you want to develop and all of your energy goes into creating the different and new idea for the game.