What Is a Mobile App Backend and Does Your Mobile Application Need It?

Let’s take a more in-depth examine the motives you may want the backend for mobile apps. First and foremost, the cause for having a backend is the truth which you won’t be capable of talking with the person while not having it. It’s a vital component when you have to ship something to the person and vice versa. If you want an expert so that it will serve you within the lengthy run, you ought to absolutely overlook approximately a mobile app backend out of your plans.

Backend for mobile app

It is a bit of software program application that runs on distant machines called servers. It can be accessed through the web via API. The backend is not prepurported to be used by humans right now but alternatively through a manner of methods of various applications. Its motive is to perform distant obligations which, for some motives, can’t be finished through the method of the frontend apps.


More precisely, backend apps are prepurported to be used by frontend apps, now no longer thru the manner of the method of humans right now. A frontend app communicates with the backend thru the net the usage of protocols that may be designed for tool-to-tool verbal exchange and are actually now no longer so intuitive for humans.

  • Protection motives – as an example, if we don’t want to allow frontend apps to get proper access to three prone facts.
  • Preserve facts – if clients want to get proper access to their facts thru a mobile app/browser app, or to get the list of various clients who inform some criteria.

Let’s overview a few apps which you could locate in all likelihood in your smartphone and that works without a backend.


The calculator app permits customers to do simple mathematical operations. They may be effortlessly computed at the smartphone, without a want to contain any backend here.


The app permits customers to degree whatever they need simply together along with your smartphone. You can use it to calculate the rectangular meters of your flat, all without a backend.


This app is built-in/hooked up by using default on every smartphone. You can use it to take snapshots or file movies. It doesn’t want a backend to be beneficial. The app model makes use of a backend to save backups of taken snapshots.

Voice recorder

The app which you could use as a dictaphone. You can file your voice the usage of the smartphone’s microphone. It shops recordings in your device’s neighborhood storage, so it’s far completely beneficial without the want for any sort of backend.


To develop one of these recreation, the backend doesn’t want to be involved. Most single-participant video games don’t want backends to be playable – they may be completely useful without them. The backend could be beneficial in case you would love to have capabilities that include leaderboards.


Now, bringing a stop to the guide, let’s touch base on APIs – the backend technology stack without which it is now no longer feasible to do backend development.