Top 10 Last Mile Delivery Software For 2023

Last mile delivery software plays a vital role for those running a delivery business. As a delivery business owner, you not only have to supervise your delivery team, but also make sure that the product is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This journey of the product from the warehouse to the buyer’s location is called last mile delivery. In this process, you have to ensure that the end customer receives the shipment on time.

Last mile delivery software

Top route planner

With a variety of routing features, Upper has become the first choice of many delivery companies to improve last mile delivery performance. Modern route planner last mile delivery app is able to eliminate last mile delivery problems with its sophisticated algorithm.

  • Send in one click.
  • Excel import.
  • Route planning.
  • Robust reporting.


Tookan makes last mile delivery the easiest way for business. It is the easiest solution to manage and operate all last mile delivery operations. Tookan’s simple web dashboard view helps you see everything in one place. You can also add customization through field templates that relate to activities in your business.


Onfleet logistics software is an advanced last mile delivery software. With a user-friendly web panel and predictive ETA estimates, this app offers its own features. A few other desirable features include easy onboarding of new drivers, improved chat functionality, and Onfleet integration. Onfleet has the best built-in communication mechanism through a chat feature where drivers and dispatchers can update each other without the need for a third-party app.

Dispatch science

Dispatch Science is a customer-first delivery management software. This last mile delivery software is powered by artificial intelligence to streamline delivery operations for last mile carriers and shippers. Dispatch Science boasts several business-friendly features, such as managing the entire customer journey, better communication with shippers, and fast order processing and shipping.


Onro is another powerful SasS-based platform that simplifies last-mile delivery. With its customizable software and advanced delivery operation features, Onro is one of the top contenders in today’s technology market. This last mile delivery software can be customized to reflect your brand aesthetic. The order management function involves several key players such as dispatchers, drivers, executives and customers.


Bringoz, a Saas-based platform, provides an efficient and scalable delivery structure to all businesses. Its fully automated last-mile delivery solution includes automatic route planning, allowing business owners to take control of on-time delivery by avoiding common pitfalls such as late deliveries.


Scurri features that business owners find useful are increased efficiency, real-time order tracking, and increased customer satisfaction. Scurri enables eCommerce retailers to increase retail efficiency with reduced operational costs. Scurri enables live tracking of orders. Generated logs include speed, cost and other metrics along the journey, allowing business owners to evaluate specific pain points and improve the entire process.


It is a multi-carrier management system that helps logistics company owners plan multiple delivery routes. This last mile delivery software hides a smart geocoding module that allows you to convert tons of deliveries into successful ones. A cloud-based delivery management software solution offers visibility into the entire delivery route plan and provides real-time driver tracking.


The multi-stop route planner helps you find the best routes in minutes. Delivery managers can create an optimized route plan and share it with their drivers to ensure on-time deliveries. Using the driver app, they can know whether the shipment is being shipped or not.


It is a route planning and optimization software that helps owners make really fast deliveries. Track-POD is equipped with an advanced algorithm that optimizes a route plan with multiple deliveries in less than a minute. To start optimizing routes, just drag the table and it will automatically create a route map taking into account road restrictions.


The right delivery software or route planner can help you in many ways when it comes to last mile delivery. If you are willing to move to a fully automated process, you can choose any of these programs depending on your requirements.