Top 10 Javascript Usage Statistics To Watch Out For In 2023

JavaScript is not the only language available on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is quite widespread, and this has led to the emergence of popular JavaScript frameworks. It will allow you to determine the benefits of staff augmentation and when it would be most appropriate. Below we discuss JavaScript usage statistics to watch out for in 2023.

Javascript usage statistics


As an open-source framework and one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, Angular has been used for Single Page Application development. Angular is very testable and allows for easier manipulation of the DOM. This JavaScript framework was developed by Google and is best used for the MEAN stack frontend. Angular developers with several built-in libraries and tools for testing, processing, and updating their code.


Vue combines the best features of the Angular and React frameworks. It is a lightweight and fast framework. It has extensive documentation. Vue has comparatively fewer components, this JavaScript framework is chosen by developers for its numerous features.


It quickly became a popular free and open-source framework. Ember supports two-way data binding. This makes it a trusted platform for handling demanding user interfaces. Compared to frontend frameworks, Ember is hard to learn and a very biased framework.


Aurelia framework is difficult to learn, it is useful for developing more robust websites. The syntax is very readable, and Aurelia has extensive documentation. As a free and open-source framework, Aurelia is best suited as a modern front-end framework. It is possible to create multi-platform applications.


Building apps is easy with this framework. Thanks to this, fast and static web applications can be developed. Svelte is best suited as a compiler for building web UI components. It also works directly on DOM-less code. This significantly saves developers time spent writing code.


Node is a server-side JavaScript runtime. It is free, open-source and can run on different platforms. Node is easy to learn and high performance. Still, node code can be complicated to maintain. There is also a set of untested or low-quality tools. Node can be used in a backend runtime that runs JS outside of a web browser.


This JavaScript framework was created by Meteor Software and named accordingly. Meteor works best as an isomorphic framework for rapid prototyping and building cross-platform code. It is easy to learn and provides several conveniences to developers. Meteor is also a free and open-source framework. This Frameworks JS is useful in developing applications through do-it framework. This JavaScript Framework can help in building production web and mobile applications.


While other frameworks provide developers with more features, Mithril boasts good performance. Mithril is not a widely used client-side JavaScript framework.


This JavaScript framework allows developers to create single-page applications and simpler front ends by leveraging the powerful features of the JavaScript Framework. This JavaScript framework offers various sets of building blocks that consist primarily of explicit events, precise views, models, and routers for accumulating client-side web applications.


It is an open-source front-end JavaScript Framework that is ideal for creating dynamic and accurate websites that work smoothly. This JavaScript Framework enables its user base to receive statistics and information from any dataset source.


The application development process with JavaScript frameworks will be accelerated. They provide developers with libraries, documentation, and resources that can be used to create a more efficient digital experience.