Top IT Development Trends For 2023

Software development trends have always evolved but the ongoing pandemic has fueled these changes. What appears to be acceptable software development practice today may not be so in the near future. Startup founders need to be well informed about where the trends in the software industry are going and strategize accordingly when building apps. There is a growing interest in low level code development platforms.

IT development trends

Automated code

Accelerating pace of our lives requires us to perform operations and release new software products faster. This is why more developers are turning to automated code review, where specific tools automatically review code based on predefined rules. Some popular automated code review tools include Veracode Code Climate Codacy Deep Source and others.

Computing power

Computing power has already made its place in the digital era as almost every device and device are equipped with a computer. And there’s more as data science experts have predicted that the computing infrastructure we’re building right now will only get better in the coming years. Even better computing power is creating more technical jobs in the industry but it would require specialized qualifications for candidates to acquire.

Cloud native technology prevalence

Trend is that software development companies will more actively use cloud native solutions to manage and communicate with application development teams. They are infrastructure independent and can run on multiple servers so they can be easily adopted by any company. Cloud native software solutions based on containers and microservices provide flexibility and scalability and improve the productivity of software development teams.

Flexibility with anywhere operations

Mobile applications are redefining how brick-and-mortar businesses operate in a community that is moving towards the digital space. Anywhere operation is a model that allows companies to extend their services and products to clients beyond physical premises. it is not about replacing physical setups with cloud solutions, but rather about improving the customer experience by providing a digital alternative. on-demand delivery apps are in high demand as the pandemic forces people to stay at home.

Cybersecurity demands a different strategy

Startups need to take a different approach to solving cybersecurity problems. Conventional methods such as setting up a perimeter firewall or anti-malware applications are no longer sufficient. Malicious attackers are using smarter techniques which requires the implementation of a cybersecurity network during development. The cybersecurity mesh is where security measures are implemented and tested on every distributed network access module in an application.

Rigid software quality standards

Growing demand for software will require compliance with ISO-designed software quality standards in the near future. We will see ISO certification in our daily life and it will become a major part of our lives in most of the devices we use as software solutions.

Code standards guidelines

Companies are expected to use consistency of style and language conventions in the software development process to raise coding standards according to clear guidelines.


After analyzing all these popular web development trends and their data, we can conclude that we will focus on simple design with effective user interface in web development.