How To Utilize Firebase Dynamic Links To Integrate Deep Linking On iOS?

The idea of Deep linking is to open a mobile app’s unique content material from some other app or open a mobile app on click on of net hyperlink. The first percentage of your Instagram is put up on Twitter. Now click on that it redirects you to on Instagram app if it is hooked up, in any other case it’ll open that put up in the browser. 

Open dynamic links for your app 

In the Info tab of your app’s XCode challenge, create a brand URL kind for use for Dynamic Links. Set the Identifier subject to a completely unique price and the URL scheme subject to be your package identifier, that’s the default URL scheme utilized by Dynamic Links. In the Features tab of your app’s XCode challenge, allow associated domains and upload the following in the AssociatedDomains listing: If you need to get hold of Dynamic Links with a fully-custom area, for your XCode challenge’s Info.

Firebase dynamic links 

We used Firebase Dynamic Links whilst developing our demo app. Dynamic hyperlinks works although the person hasn’t hooked up the app truly redirect customers to the App Store where they are able to start downloading it. The form of the deep hyperlink we use is decided by the user, whether the person has not already linked the application or not.

Receive dynamic links on iOS 

To get hold of the firebase dynamic links which you created earlier, you ought to encompass the Dynamic hyperlink SDK for your application and get in touch with the familiar hyperlink: it’s a dynamic hyperlink from custom scheme URL: strategies whilst your app hundreds to get the statistics handed in the dynamic hyperlink. By default, the Dynamic Links SDK makes use of the pasteboard to enhance the reliability of put up-defloration deep hyperlinks.

Deep linking 

Developers use deep hyperlinks to ship customers without delay to an app in preference to a website or store. Most importantly, they are able to ship customers to an in-app view, which saves money for them the time they’d in any other case spend finding the content material themselves. It improves the person revel in and might grow the probability of a person putting in your app. 

Deep linking


Testing and debugging may be pretty complex in regards to deep hyperlinks. By the usage of an App Startup Controller, however, we are able to take a look at the single preliminary state: Both use token storage, deep hyperlink storage, or in some cases no storage unit or in some cases using neither storage. When we take a look at deep hyperlinks:

  • Open the deep hyperlink and visit the app store to download the app.
  • Update it with the XCode model earlier than we open.
  • Our manufacturing deep hyperlink checking out additionally consists of checking out whilst the app isn’t always running.
  • Navigate to the scheme for the challenge in XCode.
  • Run the app from XCode. It will no longer open at the tool however the debugger will anticipate it to open after which it’ll connect to it.

Test your deep link in the terminal 

To take a look at your deep hyperlink without the usage of a bodily tool, you want each Simulator and Terminal. A soon as it’s running, within the simulator so that you can see the house screen. then open the Terminal and place it somewhere where you can see all aspects of the terminal and the simulator using the skin.


When you employ a tool like Firebase Dynamic Links, you ensure potential app downloaders not only experience a frictionless transition from mobile or desktop to your app.