Firebase And Crashlytics In Flutter And Swift

Firebase is Google’s mobile app development that facilitates you to develop, improve, and grow your app. Firebase is a set of tools that allows a developer to cover an enormous amount that the developer has to typically develop by means himself. These offerings include analytics authentication, database, configuration, record archiving, push messaging, and more.

Firebase in flutter

  • Make sure your Flutter app targets iOS 8 or later.
  • Set up a bodily iOS tool or the iOS simulator for walking your app.
  • For all different Firebase products, you may use both a bodily iOS tool and the iOS simulator.
  • Install Flutter on your unique operating system, including the following:

Flutter SDK.

Support libraries.

Platform-specific software programs and SDKs.

Firebase And Crashlytics In Flutter and Swift


Crashlytics saves you time when troubleshooting by intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting situations where Crashlytics makes it easier to use in three key aspects. Crash reviews are made up whenever a crash takes place and despatched up at the utility being run the subsequent time.

Firebase And Crashlytics In Flutter and Swift

Features of firebase and crashlytics

Curated Crash Reports Firebase Crashlytics amalgamate an avalanche of crashes Into a nicely curated & identifiable listing of troubles and provides contextual information highlighting the severity and amp the ubiquity of accidents so that you can easily identify the cause of the foundation accident.

Cures for Common Crash Crashlytics offers Crash Insights highlighting the not unusual place balance problems. Also supplying top-notch sources that cause them to be more straightforward to troubleshoot Prioritize and Resolve.

Crashlytics Analytics integration with Analytics provides audience insights with crash analytics records for customers and amp Simplify debugging by some ways to give you access to a list of several best occasions and each accident.

Realtime signals Crashlytics will assist you to get real-time signals for brand spanking new troubles, regressed troubles, and developing troubles that would require instant attention.

Firebase crashlytics for flutter

Firebase Crashlytics could make your lifestyle as a developer a great deal simpler.

As developers, one thing we hate the most is the error screen but the most interesting part is that we have been developing debugging features over the past few years so it won’t be like that.

For now, let’s expect you probably did all of your matters right, you checked all viable eventualities you may suppose of, and also you proudly release your mobile utility. Now more than one customer is using your app and everything is working fine but suddenly one of your customers is surely facing a problem. What is simply crashlytics additionally effortlessly integrates into your Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps.

The standard manner that all of us are used to is Easy, but you might want to tie your app to Firebase. When you have preceding projects, you may see them here the Add Project button. On the subsequent screen, supply your challenge a call and click on the preserve. Here when you have decided on analytics add an account.


Firebase and crashlytics for Flutter is a top-notch device to help you report a huge quantity of vital information in the course of development, trying out, or even staying segment of your utility. You can have additional contact with your users and customers can have additional contact fulfilling enjoy due to the fact you realize what’s inflicting them hassle and may speedy repair it. Give Crashlytics a shot, it can be the subsequent massive element you want to enhance a person’s experience of your app. Those offerings include analytics, authentication, databases, configuration, record storage, and push messaging.